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Black Book Crypto, an online educational resource created by crypto researcher Joseph Giove, has launched an in-depth report on the YieldNodes server rental project.

In the recently launched report, users can learn more about the YieldNodes project from an investor and a researcher, with continuous updates provided at regular intervals. The project has been running since 2019, allowing users to rent nodes using blockchain technology.

To read the full full report, please visit https://blackbookcrypto.com/yieldnodes-comprehensive-review-2022-profitable-masternode-project-or-scam

As explained in the new report, the project uses a combination of masternoding, prize money, and services that work together to create increased returns. The project was successful enough that it now has its own listed cryptocurrency, Sapphire.

Masternodes are part of the infrastructure of many cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Dash, and Etherium. Although masternodes do not add new transactions to the blockchain, they are essential for verifying new blocks and for a range of services necessary for the governance of the blockchain.

While masternodes can be an effective way to generate revenue, their creation comes at a high cost that prevents many investors from getting involved, which led to the creation of the YieldNodes project. In the report, users can learn how to rent access to masternodes through the project, which eliminates the initial setup cost and a certain amount of risk.

The report includes information about YieldNodes’ management and technology teams, including their qualifications and a link to each member’s personal LinkedIn pages. He also explains that the group is very transparent and regularly produces newsletters, performance statistics and audits for its investors.

One of the main benefits explained in the report is that if the yield falls below 5% for 3 consecutive months, the lease payments will automatically be returned to the users along with the accrued profits. The report also details how YieldNodes works to mitigate the risk associated with crypto and blockchain technology.

Black Book Crypto is an information resource for cryptocurrency investors interested in the underlying causes of fluctuations in digital markets and those seeking an understanding of how these systems work. It includes regularly updated news and articles on all things cryptocurrency, including a section for beginners that covers the basics of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

To read the full YieldNodes report, please visit https://blackbookcrypto.com/yieldnodes-comprehensive-review-2022-profitable-masternode-project-or-scam

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