Western Circle Limited, a successful UK payday lender, begins offering online personal loans


LONDON–() – Western Circle Limited has made a name for itself by providing responsible payday loans online. Their decision to enter the personal loan market via the new brand Personal LoansNow.co.uk
has been well received by their customers.

  • Rather than just extending payday loans for a few months or years, WCL has created a whole new product

  • Their experience as a payday lender gives their new product a unique advantage over other personal loans.

Personal loans now: a whole new product

In response to the growing demand for larger and longer installment loans, WCL has created a new brand: Personal Loans Now. Rather than offering larger payday loans, they chose to start from scratch with a whole new business model. Western Circle CEO Jeremy Lloyd explains why:

“One of the main reasons for the high interest rate on a payday loan is the short duration of the loan and the small amount of the loan. By starting with a much longer and larger loan, we were able to completely rethink how our fees work, allowing us to create a more affordable asset. long term credit option with all the advantages of our online loans.

Make responsible credit more accessible

As a payday lender, Western Circle has developed and refined its decision-making process to enable it to determine with a high level of accuracy whether the applicant will qualify for the loan and make the repayments.

Applying this high tech decision system to the personal loan market will open up a whole new range of options for a whole population. Thousands of people who would be turned down by traditional banks may still be eligible for Personal Loans Now credit.

Of course, their strict affordability assessment protocol will always be in place, ensuring that loan repayments will be affordable and will help the applicant in their current situation.

Western Circle Limited continues to make waves in the online lending market as it combines far-reaching vision with cutting-edge technology to produce better and safer credit options for UK citizens.

About Western Circle Limited

As a next generation payday lender, Western Circle Limited has approached the market from an entirely new perspective. Combining powerful technology with strong visions, they have reinvented the science of affordable online loans to make them more accessible and secure than ever. Western Circle Limited is a fully FCA Compliant Lender that has already helped over 50,000 people in the UK alone. For them, this is just the beginning.


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