VA Clinic Jabs does not show up on the Vax Passport site


BOSTON (State House News Service) – Having trouble uploading your new state-issued vaccination passport? If you served in the military and received one or more of your injections at a US Department of Veterans Affairs clinic, you may be out of luck at this time.

Governor Charlie Baker on Monday rolled out a new tool that allows residents to access their vaccination history and download a digital vaccine card, with a QR code, which can be stored on smartphones to show proof of vaccination to people. companies that need it.

The system is modeled on the Massachusetts Immunization Information System, in which all providers in Massachusetts, including pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens, must report immunizations. However, Veterans Affairs Canada facilities, such as the one in Bedford, do not report to the MIIS system.

An administration official told the news service that although the VA does not participate in MIIS, the governor’s tech team was working with the federal government to import data to use in the system.

“We continue to engage with them to get the most recent updates,” the official said.

The press service inquired about the availability of VA information after a veteran said he could not access his information on the COVID-19 vaccine or flu shot through the website put in place by the state. The veteran said he was vaccinated at a VA clinic.

Baker, at a press conference after meeting with Democratic leaders at State House, said, “We have VA data,” but did not say whether that information was complete.

The state’s website advises users, “If you need a record of the vaccines you have received from the federal government or another state, you will need to contact the person who administered those vaccines. “

The website has a portal that can be used to request an update of a person’s immunization status in MIIS, which could be used by a person who has received one or more injections from a provider outside of the hospital. ‘State. Requests for status updates may require users to submit a copy of their immunization card and a letter from their health care provider.

Written by Matt Murphy / SHNS


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