[Update: Under maintenance] Funimation site / server down (not working), users get an “unable to connect” error


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The original story follows:

Funimation, an anime service that describes itself as the leader of the anime industry in North America, is currently suffering from a technical issue. Users complain that they cannot access the service on mobiles, game consoles, as well as through the official website.



For its part, Funimation’s Twitter account acknowledged the problem with the website. The company says it is working to resolve the problem.


We are keeping an ongoing eye on the situation and will update the story as there is something interesting. Until then, share your current experience with the service in the comments section below.

Update 1 (January 30):

The service is down again. Go here for more details.

Update 2 (January 02):

The bug has been fixed.

Update 1 (December 31)

Based on recent reports on Twitter, the Funimation website isn’t loading much as of this writing. Here’s what some users have to say:

@FUNimation why is the yalls site down?
The source

the funimation is down
The source

welp funimation broke down?
The source

Failure Detector – a popular service that gives live failure information – also transmits that Funimation is indeed going through a problem in some areas, as can be seen in the image below:

Update 2 (January 02)

As of this writing, Funimation users are complaining that the website is not loading or throwing internal error 500. Also downdetector transmits the service is experiencing problems in the US area. Here are some reports for you to take a quick look.

@FUNimation What’s new with your website? If I try to enter it takes 3 minutes then I get an internal server error 500. Is there something?
The source

the website will not load. clearing history and cookies, using different browsers – keep getting the “website not available” message. And the Fire tv app keep slowing down and polishing for a long time
The source

It’s crazy, you would get failures from free sites not when you pay $ 8 per month.
The source

Update 3 (April 10)

So Funimation is down and not working for many at the time of this writing. In addition to the proliferation of user reports on Twitter (some of which can be seen below), the Stocking Detector is also transmitting a service failure.

Of course, the funimation is down. Not like their streaming service never works anyway. ?
The source

@FUNimation is your app down or something and how can I get in touch with your support team because my patent was taken and now it tells me the billing attempt failed
The source

Update 4 (November 30)

The service is come down. You can access a multitude of similar complaints here & here.

Update 5 (April 7, 2021)

Reports on the microblogging site Twitter indicate that Funimation is down. Bottom detector, also reports the same.

Update 6 (April 7, 2021)

The site says:

“Funimation is doing site maintenance! We will be back online soon. Try refreshing your browser or checking back later.

Update 7 (September 17, 2021)

Funimation users are taking Twitter by storm with complaints that the service is still down and not working. The site is under maintenance and has been for some time now.

Therefore, we expect it to be operational as soon as possible.


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