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Above: Seth and Elizabeth Lintelman, owners of Cup N ‘Saucer in Sherburn, recently announced changes to their restaurant soon to be made.

SHERBURN – Hometown favorite Cup N ‘Saucer in Sherburn recently announced some big changes. The restaurant will no longer be open for breakfast and lunch as owners Seth and Elizabeth Lintelman plan to focus more on their increasingly popular tasting menus.

The Lintelmans opened the restaurant in the summer of 2013 after winning it in an essay competition. Prior to that, they lived in the metro area where Seth was chief.

“The Cup was open for breakfast and lunch when we took over and we didn’t want to change what was going on. We just jumped in with two feet and run a hundred miles a minute since ”, said Elisabeth.

In the fall of 2013, they offered their first tasting menu. Seth had offered something similar on the subway, but was a little hesitant about how he would be received in rural Minnesota.

“I remember thinking I should call my friends in town to fill seats because I didn’t know if people would be receptive. But we filled it in two days and we had 30 people ”, Seth said.

Seth said after that that they didn’t advertise it, but just relied on the people there to spread the news by word of mouth. This plan did not disappoint.

Elizabeth said they have a three-year waiting list for their tasting menu dinners, which take place once a month by reservation only.

“This way we knew how many people, how many tables, what to prepare, what to staff” said Elisabeth.

And then Covid hit and like every other restaurant, the Cup was forced to close and the waiting list was pushed even further.

“We have therefore changed the reservation process. As now, on the first of the month, reservations open for the following month’s tasting menu. Once these reservations have been made, the link closes and if you wish to be added to a waiting list, let us know ”, Elisabeth explained.

She said reservations for the tasting menu dinners fill up in two minutes or less.

Elizabeth pointed out that they were experiencing a high demand for tasting menus and that there was also an increase in the number of people requesting to do private tastings.

“We just cannot meet all the requests and continue to have breakfast and lunch,” she said.

Right now, the cup is open Tuesday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. and tastings are usually held on a Saturday night, but requests for other nights of the week have been pouring in. Seth said that over the past month they had to turn around. far nearly ten requests for private tastings.

“You come to a point where you have to decide whether to make breakfast and lunch, or tasting menus” Seth said.

Elizabeth explained that they have two young children at home who they also wish they could spend more time with.

Being closed for several months due to Covid gave the Lintelmans the opportunity to stop and catch their breath and think about what they wanted to focus on. Elizabeth said they weren’t going to deploy everything at once, but would take their time to ensure the success of their new plans.

Speaking of what this means for the community, Elizabeth said that while many people think of the Cup as a local place to go and have a cup of coffee, the clientele the restaurant brings to Sherburn is so much larger.

“I think it’s important to recognize that we have people across the country who come to Sherburn to eat at Cup N ‘Saucer. They come from everywhere, even take the plane to come to the tasting menus. The exposure that we offer to the city is quite incredible and we are delighted with it ”, said Elisabeth.

The Lintelmans plan to post the dates of the tasting menus on their website and Facebook page. They hope to be available for more private tasting menus and hire a chef, a new offering they are excited about.

“You can bring a professional chef to your home. We will set the table, bring the plates and silverware. We bring all the kitchen utensils. We bring a tasting menu to your home and you can invite friends or family without worrying about anything. said Elisabeth.

While the original announcement made by the Lintelmans indicated that the last day for breakfast and lunch would be November 29, Seth said it would actually be earlier. They plan to be completed at the end of October.

“With personnel issues and things of that nature, it will be too difficult for us to keep going as far as we originally wanted”, he said.

But with each end comes a new beginning. The Cup will still be in Sherburn, and the Lintelmans are hoping it will be even stronger. While they are excited to move on to the next chapter, they recognize that not everyone will be happy with the changes. Seth said it wasn’t a decision they took lightly, but he hopes people are as happy as they are with the new opportunities.

” We are always here. The business was good. It’s not like there is a shortage of clients or support from the community. We just need to take a step back and refocus our attention on other areas ”, Seth said.

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