Twitter down: Twitter says services are back after being down for multiple users


NEW DELHI: Twitter suffered an outage on Thursday with several users reporting issues while posting, searching and sharing content through the microblogging site. However, the social media site later said services have now been restored after the brief hiatus.
Twitter did not specify the cause of the outage, but acknowledged that profile tweets were not loading for some web users and that they were working on a fix.
“Tweets should now be visible on profiles, but other parts of Twitter for the web may not load for you. We continue to work to get things back to normal,” the social media site said. in a tweet.
In another tweet shared after nearly an hour, the company mentioned that services were back and apologized for the “disruption.”

According to the Downdetector outage monitoring website, more than 6,000 user reports have reported issues with Twitter, about 93% of those related to its website.
The social media company faced a similar “brief” outage in April this year.

Meanwhile, the government and Twitter have been at loggerheads in recent months over a variety of issues, including statements made by company officials about free speech in India.
The biggest flashpoint came when Twitter failed to fully comply with the new digital rules that took effect last month.
Twitter previously accused the government of “dangerous overbreadth” and claimed it was forced to “withhold” portions of “legitimate free speech.” The government reacted strongly to the allegations, accusing the company of willfully violating the law of the land and of trying to “dictate” its terms.
New digital rules
New IT rules for social media companies are forcing big platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google to undertake more due diligence and make these digital platforms more accountable for the content they host.
The rules also require that major social media intermediaries – providing mostly messaging-type services – can identify the ‘first sender’ of information that undermines India’s sovereignty, state security. or public order.
Under the rules, major social media intermediaries – those with more than 50 lakhs of users – are required to appoint a grievance manager, a nodal manager, and a compliance officer. These personnel must be resident in India.
Additionally, social media companies will be required to remove flagged content within 36 hours and remove flagged content within 24 hours for issues such as nudity and pornography.
Additionally, Twitter’s acting resident grievance officer for India, who was hired in June under the new rules, resigned within a month of his appointment.
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