Tiny Home vandalized, evidence of damage still on site


CHICO, California – The Chico Housing Action Team, CHAT, uses tiny houses on East Ave. as examples for others.

A video, provided by CHAT, of the teams installing the windows of the small house which was vandalized.

Now one of the windows in the little house has been replaced by wood.

“Obviously there has been vandalism here,” said Robert “Bob” Trausch, vice president and founding member of CHAT.

CHAT is going to have to pay for it.

“The window and the set-up, we have a team of people who will set it up,” he said. “Maybe the window costs $ 130 to $ 150, and all the damage.”

“It’s money, we’d rather spend it on housing someone,” Trausch said.

CHAT is focused on providing small houses like this for a large number of groups.

“From families in crisis, to exhausted families, to veterans, to people with medical problems,” he said.

“Then hopefully move them to permanent housing from there.”

Remnants of vandalism on East Ave. still on the scene even days later, like the boarded up window, and even glass still on the floor, but as the village of Everhart nears the opening, CHAT feels it’s just an obstacle to what they hope to do.

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“It’s a little blip,” Trausch said. “Vandalism can happen anywhere, we all see it in our community. It’s happened a long time ago. Sooner or later someone doesn’t notice anyone and do something. It’s not a big one. problem for us. “

The Chico Police Department told Action News Now they are working with CHAT to try to find who is responsible.

Meanwhile, CHAT replaces the window and hopes that this time it stays.

CHAT says they have ordered 13 more small houses to add to the village of Everhart.


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