TikTok to label state-controlled media content amid war in Ukraine


James Martin/CNET

This story is part War in UkraineCNET’s coverage of events there and the wider effects on the world.

In response to the Russian invasion of UkraineTikTok will start warning viewers that the videos they are watching are posted by state-controlled media.

Last year, TikTok began working on a feature to add labels to state-controlled media, and is rolling it out as soon as the war continues in Ukraine, according to an official blog post on Friday. The company will begin applying labels to content on select state-controlled media accounts over the next few days to give viewers context.

When users search for content, the state-controlled media label appears at the bottom of videos similar to other TikTok banners. The first accounts to get tags will come from Russian state-controlled media, TikTok confirmed via email. The society defines state-controlled media as “entities over which a government exercises direct or indirect control over their editorial content or decision-making,” consulting more than 50 experts from 20 countries.

In other efforts to combat misinformation, TikTok restricts content that is fact-checked or cannot be proven to be posted in recommended “For You” streams. The platform also said it has developed methods to detect and act on live streams showing “unoriginal or misleading content”.

“We remain focused on preventing, detecting, and deterring influence operations on our platform and our systems help us identify, block, and remove inauthentic accounts, engagement, or other related activity on TikTok. “, we read on the official blog.


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