The sink moves to Summy House in Manheim; restaurant owner meal pickup service plans | What’s in store


The owner of a catering and meal pick-up service in East Petersburg moves her business to a historic tavern in Manheim where she plans to eventually open a sit-down restaurant.

Heather Landis, owner of The Sink, has rented the Summy House at 31 S. Main St. and will begin operating in the kitchen by March as The Sink on Prussian. Landis said she is also starting to renovate and update other areas of the 3,700-square-foot space as she works on a possible opening by fall 2022. The space includes a bar and two dining rooms, with a total capacity of around 180.

Until World War I, the main street in Manheim was called the Prussian Street.

Landis started The Sink after losing his job as an accountant at the start of the coronavirus pandemic in May 2020. The Sink offers a weekly menu of meals that can be picked up on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Landis, a resident of Manheim and a 1997 graduate of Manheim Central High School, said the location was the dream location for her business, noting that she once worked at The Summy House restaurant.

Although it has housed other restaurants, the property is still known as The Summy House, a name that dates back to Simeon Guildford Summy, which in 1876 expanded the old Black Horse Hotel by building next door. The original side was demolished in 1891 and the remaining hotel became known as The Summy House. A series of restaurants operated outside the building, including two called The Summy House.

From the 1940s to 1974, the building housed the Johnson Seafood House in Manheim before becoming The Summy House, which lasted until the late 1980s. Before it became the Summy House again in 1995, the place was Turi’s Italian Ristorante and My Blue Heaven.

The owners of the second version of the Summy House restaurant included Scott and Heather Bowser, owners of Mount Hope Estate & Winery, which hosts the annual Renaissance Fair in Pennsylvania.

Most recently, The Summy House space was occupied by Just Wing It, a wing restaurant that debuted in 2015 but only operated sporadically. Before that, it was the home of JoBoy’s Brew Pub, which opened in 2010, then moved in 2014 to Lititz, where it closed in 2019.


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