The 4 Best Premade Meal Delivery Services of 2022


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After a long day, the thought of cooking dinner can be daunting at best and inconceivable at worst. For those days when even a meal kit takes too much effort, prepared meal delivery services can help. A good prepared meal should be convenient, but also delicious.

While some delivery services offer a la carte purchases, most operate by subscription. The idea is that you can plan to skip the grocery store or schedule an extra workout class during the week, because you know that six fully cooked meals are in your fridge.

I personally tested a total of 56 meals and snacks from eight brands to find the tastiest and most affordable meal delivery services. While the prospect of not having to cook for nearly a month may seem exciting to a foreigner, I must admit I was over the moon when it was over. There’s a limit to the textures you can achieve when reheating foods – crunchy vegetables are prone to mushy and proteins tend to dry out. And no service seemed to get pre-made eggs. When it was bad it was almost inedible.

That said, I managed to find four courses worth ordering (and eating). You can read more about how we tested pre-prepared meal delivery services here and how we test food and cooking equipment in Insider Reviews here.

The best meal delivery services in 2022

Best Overall Meal Delivery Service: Factor, from $11 per meal
Factor’s meals were the most delicious we’ve tried, warming up with minimal loss of texture or flavor.

Best cheap meal delivery service: Daily harvest, from $5.99 per meal
Although a bit more expensive than some other services (and still not exactly budget-friendly), Daily Harvest offers the best value because it offers the most flexible plans and customizable boxes, in addition to nutritious and filling meals.

Best Vegetarian Meal Delivery Service: Mosaic, from $4.99 per meal
The mosaic meals are so tasty and filling that I forgot they were completely plant-based.

Best a la carte meal delivery service: House bistro, from $14.99 per meal
Home Bistro is the most expensive service per meal we tested, but the meals are prepared by celebrity chefs and have excellent flavors and textures.


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