Talking Business: New Tap House Adds to Growing Beer Options in Downtown Longview | Local company


The location was a major draw to the Misiaks, both due to the options available in the building and the growing number of other valve houses near downtown Longview. Antidote Tap House is across 14th Avenue and Tapped Roots is a few blocks east of Broadway.

Rather than seeing other businesses as competitors, the Misiaks hoped the multiple options would help create an attractive downtown atmosphere.

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“I lived in downtown Vancouver for a while and the beer scene there is part of the community. What we wanted to do is bring that feeling to Longview, ”said Jacquelyn Misiak.

Guests who have visited Cassava before will recognize many of the same ornate elements at the Broadway Barrel Hall. Chandeliers and light fixtures on the pillars flood the building with light. A small balcony on the second floor overlooks the bar and the main dining areas. The upper area is not set up for the serve and the Misiaks are still debating how they will end up using that space.

Drinks are the main attraction of the tap house. The restaurant kicks off with 18 beers on tap, the majority of which come from smaller regional suppliers such as Fortside Brewing in Vancouver and Tieton Cider Works in Yakima.

“I’m going through and trying to get a good strain, so at least something will appeal to everyone,” said Jacob Misiak.


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