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In the latest Superman homepage member poll, we asked you the following question:

How often do you watch an episode of “Superman & Lois”?

It used to be that you could only watch an episode of a TV series when it was broadcast live. If you weren’t sitting in front of your TV at the time, bad luck, you’d miss it…forever. Well, it seemed at the time. Now, with episodes available on streaming services, on demand, ready anytime, there’s no excuse to miss an episode of your favorite TV show…in fact, you can watch them again. and even. But with so much available to watch these days, it seems like half of you watch an episode of “Superman & Lois” only once, with 22% saying they watch every episode twice.

Here is the full breakdown of votes:

How often do you watch an episode of “Superman & Lois”?
  • Just once 50%, 88 voice

    88 voice

    88 votes – 50% of all votes

  • Twice 22%, 39 voice

    39 voice

    39 votes – 22% of all votes

  • I don’t watch it at all 14%, 25 voice

    25 voice

    25 votes – 14% of all votes

  • Three times or more 10%, 17 voice

    17 voice

    17 votes – 10% of all votes

  • It is not available where I live 3%, 6 voice

    6 voice

    6 votes – 3% of all votes

Total votes: 175

June 8, 2022
June 15, 2022

Voting is closed

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Superman and Lois

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