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St. Louis was ranked as the least safe city in the United States in a 2018 website survey.

Three years later, we’re still the last on this list.

In a comparison of the 182 largest municipalities in the United States, personal finance website WalletHub once again ranks us at the bottom of its “America’s safest cities” investigation.

To determine where Americans feel most secure, WalletHub used 44 security metrics, broken down into three main categories: home / community security, financial security, and natural disaster risk.

Statistics for Saint-Louis are based on figures for the city of Saint-Louis and do not include surrounding municipalities.

Our worst result came in “Home and Community Safety”, in which we were ranked # 181 out of 182 cities. Only Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is doing less well.

This category looked at the number of mass shootings on a per capita basis; murders and manslaughter; forced rapes; assaults; thefts; sex offenders; hate crimes; death from drug poisoning; and fatal traffic and pedestrian accidents.

In this broad category, we finished bottom in two subcategories: assaults and fatal traffic accidents.

We didn’t do much better in the “financial security” category, where we finished 151st out of 182 cities.

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