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LOPATTCONG, NJ – It was early Wednesday morning when Edgar Rubin was getting ready to go to work when he noticed something was wrong with his home on Wordsworth Lane in Lopatcong Township.

“I look and then I have this huge chasm,” Rubin said.

A chasm that seemed to descend as far as you could see.

“I’m looking down and couldn’t see, so I thought it was like 20.30 feet,” Rubin said.

He said the police told him it was 40 feet deep and Rubin tells us the township told him there was nothing he could do since it was on his property. Rubin said insurance told him they couldn’t help.

“I don’t even know what to do from here because we’re alone,” Rubin said.

Rubin tells us his daughter was filling water guns at a faucet where the sinkhole is located hours before it collapsed.

“I was like ‘Oh my God’ what if she fell,” Rubin said.

Sinkholes have been commonplace in this part of the township for years.

In 2015, one of them gobbled up this whole plow truck before moving in. Then, in 2018, two more sinkholes opened up in the same neighborhood.

Rubin tells us others have been reported in nearby homes.

“So we’re just trying to spread the word, I guess. If it’s happened to other people, talk about it,” Rubin said.

He worries about what else might happen to his four-year-old home, where he lives with his wife, four children and pets. He said staying elsewhere is not an option.

“Actually, where am I going? Our family lives about an hour away, we’re alone here, so where are we going? I don’t have money for the hotel, you know, we still have to live our lives,” Rubin said.

We contacted the township about the sinkholes in the area, but received no response.


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