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It’s not about being for or against the Snyderverse. This is an iconic character and who should play him. Right now we have an awesome TV version of Superman. Tyler Hoechlin does a great job portraying the Man of Steel. “Superman & Lois” is a dream come true for some fans, and Tyler’s take on the character as Clark and Superman is exactly what many fans have been looking for. So, do we need a Superman movie now that we have such great representation on TV? My answer is yes. And who should we find to play it? Why none other than Henry Cavill.

When I saw “Man of Steel” in theaters, I was very torn. It was a rather polarizing take on Superman and his world. I’m not saying this to be negative, but we have to admit that he wasn’t the Superman we had recognized in the comics and other media. It was something very different and I have to say I didn’t like Snyder’s take on Superman and his world. No, I didn’t hate him, but there were a lot of things I could blame him for. But not the actor who played him.

When I first saw a photo of Henry Cavill in the suit, I was very impressed. Handsome, tall, muscular… he really fit in that suit. I didn’t know him as an actor, but just looking at him told me he was the guy to play my favorite character. So when I saw the movie, the actor didn’t disappoint, but the movie did. While I like some things about it, I found more to complain about than praise. If I had a problem with the portrayal, it was with the writers and the director, not the actor. I was very impressed with Cavill. Not only did he look the part, but you could see through the performance that Cavill could be a great Superman.

From “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” to “Justice League” (both versions), it seemed like there was a better version trying to come out. If you didn’t like Cavill’s portrayal, don’t blame the actor. Henry Cavill loves Superman. He said it several times and gave many not-too-subtle hints that he would like to continue. If we’re getting that long-awaited real sequel to “Man of Steel” or maybe a new version all together, why have another actor? Cavill is no slave to the Snyderverse. He can play any version given to him. Whether it’s a vintage piece or something more contemporary or just a brand new take, we need look no further than Henry Cavill. He’s a terrific actor and he’s proven he can play the hero. For my part, I can’t wait to be there.


Henry Cavill was an excellent Superman in a series of movies with very diminishing returns.

As much as I love Tyler Hoechlin (really) and I loved Tom Welling (“Smallville” seasons 1-4 were solid gold), in their portrayals of Superman, they both do different shades of an impression of Christopher Reave.

The good thing is. I love Chris Reeve. He was my Superman, so versions of the character that look like him feel good.

But I really, really appreciated that Cavill did something different with Superman in general, and Clark Kent in particular. When I read “Superman: Earth One,” I was angered by the framing of Superman as a reluctant hero. In ‘Man of Steel’ and its sequels, Cavill taps into the same feel as Clark, but it works because Superman is very clearly the real version of the person, in a way that I’ve never quite understood with Reeve and his imitators. And this version of Superman is, for a while at least, thrilled to be in the sky. Henry’s Clark is… nuanced. Weighted in a way his Superman is not. I really dug this.

Unfortunately, Cavill’s run as Superman was limited to 2/3 of a good movie. And I suspect that was the 2/3 that Christopher Nolan oversaw before he decided Zack Snyder would be fine without him and let Zack burn him to ashes afterwards. Like Metropolis in the last third of this film. He h.

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Justice League” (both versions) are BAD movies. I would almost say that these are bad levels of “Howard the Duck”. Which is a shame because almost all of the character work in them is amazing. Mainly, but certainly not limited to Superman.

This is the first reason why Henry has to hang up his cape.

As good as his Superman is, he’s tainted. Another director with another story could probably do wonderful things with their version of the character, but audiences would never tolerate that. Snyder fans would complain that he was watered down or castrated in a conventional Superman story. Snyder haters and ambivalents would be lost trying to figure out where the character stands in relation to what came before. Would it be the same Superman, or a different version, interpreted by the same actor, in the absence of any continuity?

Do you see the problem?

The other reason I would like him to move on is a matter of representation. All of the movie versions of Superman and most of the TV versions have all been kind of…alike. Krypton is another planet. It seems highly unimaginative to assume that Superman would look like a more muscular version of Siegel and Shuster. As Marlon Brando once asked, “How do we know Kryptonians don’t look like bagels?” The world is ready for a blond Superman. Or a black Superman. Choose a local actor in the role. Play with the dynamic of someone who would be a minority in rural Kansas also being an outsider in rural Kansas. Give me a Superman whose empathy for the underdog comes from an immigrant perspective, both visual and real.

A lot of what made Cavill’s Superman such a breath of fresh air were the things he did differently from previous iterations. Let’s keep flying in that direction.


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