Safer Cornwall launches new plan to make communities safer


Pop-up community safety event in Liskeard

Safer Cornwall has unveiled a new three-year plan to reduce crime and anti-social behavior, improve community safety and help residents feel safer.

The Community Safety Partnership brings together police, council, fire and rescue services, health and probation services and other organizations to tackle issues such as domestic violence and sexual abuse, alcoholism and drug use.

While the latest crime figures show Cornwall has the third lowest crime rate in the country compared to places with similar social and economic characteristics, the partnership recognizes that there are still significant issues to be addressed.

To shape Safer Cornwall’s new plan, residents were asked to share their views on community safety issues that matter locally and what could be done to address them.

A series of focus groups and events as well as an online Have Your Say survey were held over the past year to gather people’s opinions.

The new plan sets out how Safer Cornwall will tackle its priorities to work better with communities, provide specialist services and support to the most vulnerable, examine how trauma affects people and improve communication with residents.

It targets the issues that have the greatest impact on communities, such as domestic violence and sexual violence, exploitation, anti-social behavior, problematic alcohol and drug use, and explains how it provides services and support for those affected by these issues.

Carol Mould, Cabinet Member of Cornwall Council for Neighborhoods, said: “The Safer Cornwall Partnership is focused on priorities that communities have said they need to see addressed. It is vital that our communities feel safe and be safe.”

“We have an extensive program of work to target resources to ensure Cornwall is a safe, healthy and resilient place for the benefit of all who live, work or visit here.”

“But no organization can do it alone – partners can only achieve these results by working together and with local communities.”

Safer Cornwall Chairman, Police Commander Jim Pearce, said: “This plan sets out a balanced approach, working in and with communities to tackle the most visible crimes and anti-social behavior and improve our local environment, while tackling ‘hidden harm’, such as domestic violence, sexual violence and exploitation.

Lydia Mills, Managing Director of the Safer Stronger Consortium, said: “Ensuring our community has influence over what we deliver locally is critical. Along with the Have Your Say survey, we held public community events across the county to help shape the plan and are continuing this approach to include our community in what we offer locally. Through this plan, we aim to generate a culture of doing things with communities rather than for them, and to actively involve them. »

Plan commitments include:

  • Intensive partnered support for the ten cities with the highest levels of crime and disorder through our Safer Towns program, delivering strong local action plans that respond to the needs and voices of the whole community.
  • Safer Communities Toolkit providing the knowledge, skills and support for any community group or local organization to bring people together to tackle issues such as anti-social behavior and environmental nuisance
  • A community of ‘active bystanders’ made up of staff from local businesses and other organizations to prevent violence against women and girls and make public spaces safer for all, as has been rolled out in Falmouth these last months.
  • Working with partners in the Devon and Cornwall Serious Violence Prevention Partnership to support those at risk of being involved in violence and addressing the underlying causes, with a focus on young people under 25.

The partnership plan for Safer Cornwall can be found on the Safer Cornwall website and easy to read, large print versions will be available by summer.

The Have Your Say 2022 online survey will launch this summer accompanied by drop-in events across Cornwall.

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Article published on May 30, 2022


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