Rivalry announces new website upgrades and partnership agreement



It has been a busy time for Rivalry Sportsbook. The popular esports betting site made the news last month with the release of its exciting and esports-friendly new casino racing game, Rushlane, along with their CEO Steven Salz giving us the chance for a leading interview. -to-date on the future of his company and the esports industry in general.

However, Rivalry Sportsbook’s innovative new ideas did not end there.

Indeed, last week the company announced a series of improvements and upgrades to its site, a list of some additional changes to be expected in the weeks and months to come, as well as an exciting new partnership. with a leading Brazilian team.

New Rivalry Website Upgrades

There is no doubt that the news that will have the most impact on those who enjoy sports betting with Rivalry is the major updates that have been introduced to the site over the past week.

In their blog post announcing the news, Rivalry said he had spent the past few months “Listen carefully to your comments and suggestions”, and that they had used this information to “Completely rebuild our site from the ground up to create a betting experience centered on you, the player.”

The most requested feature by fans of the site was having a dark mode to use and this was indeed one of the major improvements announced by the company last week. Or as they say “No more flashing yourself every time you want to verify one of your bets. So turn down the lights, lean back in your chair and embrace the darkness.

Site mechanics upgrades

The site has also received major improvements to its mechanics, which will make the user experience much more positive.

The search engine on the site has undergone a major overhaul and is now not only faster, but it will be much more likely to bring you the bets and markets you want to follow based on the search terms you use. You can even use specific team names, game names, or tournament names to make your markets appear much faster.

Adding a Popular tab will also be a boon for bettors who like to see what other bettors have backed that day. Under this tab, the bets and markets that saw the most money wagered will be listed and you will be able to place bets on those markets as well.

Also, another key upgrade that has been implemented is a much better in-play betting service, which means there will be fewer ‘locked in’ games and markets than before. These adjustments mean that players will be able to bet in-game for longer on individual events, as well as reducing the number of events locked at any given time.


More features on the horizon

On top of that, Rivalry announced that he is also working on a number of other features that are expected to roll out over the next few weeks. They understand:

  • A new and improved live betting service that will have its own dedicated section on the website.
  • An option for customers to cash out bets they have placed early.
  • An improved match page for betting that will provide bettors with a more detailed assessment of competing teams or individuals.
  • Outright Winner’s highly anticipated return betting on a number of different esports events
  • A number of new Battle Royal games will also be added to the site for customers to bet in the future.

Overall, this promises to be a major overhaul of the site, and one that may well inspire us to re-evaluate the site once the changes are complete.

However, that wasn’t the only big news at Rivalry this week as on the same day that the website was announced, the company also revealed details of a two-year sponsorship deal with 00 Nation to sponsor their team. 00 Brasil CS: GO.

The team will be wearing Rivalry branded kits and the deal also sees the two sides interchange in a number of content and media campaigns, while providing the opportunity to market themselves on each other’s physical and digital services.

It is certainly an exciting time for Rivalry esports betting, its customers and its continued evolution as a popular esports site around the world.



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