Reddit’s new tab aims to make content discovery easier


Reddit unveiled the Discover tab on Thursday.


Reddit has created a new tab that aims to make it easier to find new content, the social media company announced Thursday. The Discover tab is the first such update posted by Reddit in over two years.

Currently, Reddit users are finding new communities called subreddits to join by searching the platform, browsing what’s popular, or coming across a hyperlink in a comment. But with over 100,000 active communities on Reddit, there are plenty of sub-reddits that people don’t know about.

The Discover tab will display content that Reddit users might like in part based on their activity on the platform. For example, if a Reddit user reads a lot of football and baseball subreddits, they will see more sports content in the Discover tab. If Reddit users are new, they’ll see content ranked by what’s currently popular on the platform. The tab displays communities using photos and videos.

The creation of the discovery tab highlights how Reddit tries to showcase the variety of content on its platform. Like other social media apps, Reddit has rolled out new tools like live audio and short video. Helping Reddit users find new communities could also encourage them to spend more time on the site discussing their favorite topics.

“We’re kind of moving from just a traditional text-based experience to really emphasizing and focusing on the rich media aspect of the body of content,” said Jason Costa, director of product for community and Reddit content.

Costa said Reddit is not moving away from text but trying to expand the types of content on its platform. One in five people have joined at least one new community after using the Discover tab, Reddit said.

Recommending content to users has been controversial for social media apps. Users can go down a rabbit hole by watching dangerous content such as eating disorder videos when the same type of content is presented to them by algorithms. instagram tested a way to see three different types of feeds, including an option to display content in chronological order.

Costa said subreddits that have been banned, quarantined, or marked as sensitive will not be eligible for the Discover tab. Reddit moderators can also tag communities so users know if a thread contains sexual content, graphic violence, or any other kind of mature content. The tab will also only show E-rated content for everyone, meaning it’s unlikely to cover topics like alcohol and tobacco, drug use and nudity, a he declared. Users will also be able to hide tab content or ask Reddit to show more or less of what is recommended.

The Discover tab is rolling out globally for iPhone and Android users on mobile devices. To access the tab, users click on a compass icon at the bottom of the Reddit app. Reddit also publishes a tool called Community and Profile Drawers so users can better organize the communities they join and another feature that makes it easier for users to access their profile.


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