Puzhu Mammootty actor: Malayalam cinema ahead of other industries in terms of content


Puzhu is Malayalam superstar Mammootty’s first film to be released directly on an OTT platform. And Mammootty doesn’t regret it because he sees it as an opportunity to further cultivate the cinema audience.

“I was told that people from Kashmir saw Thinkalazhcha Nishchayam and enjoyed it. We didn’t dream of these things before. Don’t we see Korean movies now? I think that’s an advantage of OTT,” Mammootty said during an interview with The Cue.

“There was a part of the public who could not go to see films in the cinema due to lack of time. It was a loss for us. OTT platforms have now brought this silent public into the fold of cinema. C “It’s a very, very positive thing that’s happening in cinema. Movies are hitting theaters and when they’re released on OTT platforms, there’s a new audience for them,” he added.

Mammootty believes OTT has democratized the movie distribution process and given audiences more freedom of choice. “We ask the public to dedicate between 3 and 5 hours of their life to come to the cinema and watch films. OTT platforms allow audiences to enjoy the movie at a time and place that is convenient and comfortable for them. Now there is freedom of choice. You can also watch it on the big screen or watch it on TV. OTT also allows movies to reach viewers in other states. Puzhu comes out in five languages. Our films are now watched by people from Kashmir in Kanyakumari,” he said.

Mammootty, however, has no interest in jumping on the ‘pan-Indian’ film bandwagon as he is rather pleased with the trail Malayalam cinema is traveling on.

“The Hindi film industry pays a lot of attention to Malayalam cinema,” he said. “We are ahead of other industries in terms of content. Even the big players in our industry are willing to experiment. Major players in other languages ​​have certain limitations. Even our young actors are also ready for experiments. Our industry has crossed that threshold. The public is also open to experimental films. We can do whatever experience we want and there is a hearing community that is willing to accept if our work is good,” he added.

Mammootty is garnering rave reviews for her performance in Puzhu. The film also stars Parvathy in the lead role.


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