Prime Minister Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and BJP stalwarts sample iconic Telangana dishes


From lip-smacking mango dal to biryani, several iconic Telangana dishes were on the Sunday lunch menu for BJP stalwarts – including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who attended the National Executive Committee meeting of two party days held here.

Although the delegates attending the meeting have enjoyed five-star hospitality over the past two days, the Telangana BJP chose to introduce them to Telangana specialty food products, BJP sources said.

BJP State Chairman and MP for Karimnagar, Bandi Sanjay, who hired the caterer G Yadamma, was the person who prepared the menu, keeping in mind the taste of the rulers from different parts of the country.

“A six-member team, led by Yadamma, was involved in preparing no less than 50 different dishes to deal with apart from Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and National Party Chairman JP Nadda in addition to Union ministers, chief ministers of BJP-led states and the executive. members,” a BJP statement said.

Apart from the dishes served for lunch, even snacks, sweets and desserts were prepared, Telangana style, he added.

The main course included tomato and bean curry, aloo kurma (potato sauce), bagara baingan (spicy brinjal), ivy gourd and coconut fingerlings, okra fingerlings and cashew nuts, bottle gourd fingerlings with flour flakes, methi-moong dal fingerlings, mango dal, biryani, pulihora, pudina rice, white rice, curd rice, Gongura pickle, cucumber chutney, tomato and bottle gourd chutney.

Similarly, the snacks included “Gaarelu” consisting of moong dal, sakinaalu, makka gudaalu and sarva pindi along with various chutneys prepared with tomato, groundnut, coconut and chillies, BJP said.


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