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Chelsea head coach Graham Potter has revealed his first impressions of one of his attacking players who is hoping for a repeat of previous success against Saturday’s opponents Crystal Palace.

Christian Pulisic has five goals to his name in his five starts against the Eagles, including three at Selhurst Park, where he will be hoping for some minutes on the pitch this weekend.

The American star has started one game for the Blues so far this season, with seven more sub-appearances, and his new coach Potter was asked about quotes attributed to Pulisic in a new book, expressing his frustration at being on the bench several times in the past. .

“I can’t necessarily comment on the book or what it said,” Potter replied.

“I think players go through periods in their careers where they have to suffer a bit and for whatever reason they don’t get the playing time they love.

“It’s part of the job, it’s part of signing up to be a Premier League football player, that being a regular in a top four team isn’t necessarily easy. That doesn’t mean you don’t understand the frustration players have when they don’t play because that’s what they want to do, that’s what makes them happy.

“So I can only comment on him how he has been with me,” the head coach continued. “He’s been really positive. He’s a smart, articulate, outspoken guy. My conversation with him was good and positive.

“I’m not going to judge anyone on what happened in the past. I make up my own mind. Football decides, hopefully. That’s the best way to be as a coach, I think.


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