Post-Episode Content: Alex Garfin on ‘Worlds War Bizarre’ Revelations


Superman and Lois is new tonight (June 21) with the penultimate episode of Season 2 which is titled “Worlds War Bizarre!” Superman has been stripped of his powers, and if so, how are they going to stop Ally Allston? You’ll have to tune in to find out – but one thing we can tell you is that characters like Jordan Kent and John Henry Irons are going to have to take over while the Man of Steel is grounded.

To promote “Worlds War Bizarre”, KryptonSite spoke with the actor who brings us Jordan Kent – Alex Garfin – who paused in her break to talk about tonight’s episode! You can find the interview below. Enjoy and don’t forget new Superman & Lois on June 21 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW!

How does it feel to now play the most powerful good guy on Superman and Lois?

I guess he is! In fact, I didn’t even think of it like that. John Henry is there too, but it’s a lot of responsibility, knowing that he faces the problems of the world, but sometimes barely has the strength to deal with his own. He is very young. He is 15 years old. You see that sort of thing in history, where we’ve had 15-year-old leaders, and it’s not going very well. When power is placed on someone who doesn’t know what to do with it, their intentions come into play. Often they are forced, so intentions don’t matter. But we’re very lucky to have other really cool heroes as well. They help us save the day.

Do you think Jordan is forced to step in much sooner than expected?

I would say that he is obliged to intervene. I think he has a little more ambition than before. He was mostly ruled by that boredom of that teenage restlessness that he had in Season 1, but around Season 2 he definitely has a bit more ambition in his blood. However, I think by the time it reaches episode 14, it gets a little too much. He is not ready for this responsibility.

You saw him intervene in episode 9 when he thought his father might have died or disappeared during those “30 days and 30 nights”. But it’s different. The world is in crisis and all of a sudden there’s a 15 year old who can save it, and he doesn’t know what to do.

When you were reading that script, was there a part of you that thought, “Man, now would be a great time to get a costume?”

I’m already in costume. That’s what they call my outfit! I see what you mean; a great suit. That would imply that he needs a secret identity, and that would imply that he’s a more pronounced and a bit more labeled force, in terms of image. I can see how that would help, [but] I could see how much it would hurt. I don’t think he had time to sew a suit himself. I think the world was in crisis, and he just needed to put on a hoodie and see what he could do.

How does it feel to Jordan to have to fight people who have very familiar faces, resembling Jonathan and Lana?

I think he has a gut reaction to being a little intimidated by it all. However, he was conditioned to know what it was, wasn’t he? He heard about Bizarro World a few episodes ago; he’s known for a while, so it’s not a complete shock like for Sarah or Lana when Jon-El captured her. There’s a visceral reaction of being like, ‘He’s my brother. She’s my girlfriend’s mother!

You know that two on one fight scene [in tonight’s episode] is actually the culmination of a year and a half of combat training. It was all me. It wasn’t my double, which was really great.

Would you like to talk about the fight training you’ve had this season?

Yes I would love to! It all started a year and a half ago when I was warned that in season 2 I would be doing a little more awesome stuff than I was in season 1. I worked my way up to our stunt boss, who is my dear friend, Rob Hayter, and I said, ‘Look, man, I’m a skinny theater kid. I don’t know how to use gym equipment. I don’t know how to punch. I was the kid who got beaten up, I was never the kid who beat people up! So he called in reinforcements. His friend – and now my friend/mentor – Kirk Jakes, and I have been training with him for some time. By the time we got to 208, I had my first fight on my own. In fact, I fought to do it. They were going to go wide and use the doubles. I said, “No, put me in it, I believe I can do it”, and they let me do it. By the time we got to 214, I was able to really flex those muscles, which is really awesome. It was one of those rare moments when this jaded team – who’ve seen everything under the sun, they’ve seen stars put on their best performances – they all cheered. They were all very impressed and it really feels good to leave an impression on people whose opinions are so well honed.

How does Jordan feel about the idea that his dad can tell Lana everything, but still can’t talk to Sarah about him?

I think Jordan responded to information that Lana might know, but Sarah didn’t, with extreme frustration. All of a sudden his father could solve all his personal problems, but he couldn’t solve any of his own. It made him feel like his opinion and his life were somehow worth less than his father’s, which is an ongoing raw nerve for Jordan. You see him from the early days of Season 1. His father wasn’t around during his childhood. At the time, Jordan thought his job as a journalist was more important than him, but it turns out that sometimes it was the weight of the world that seemed to get the better of him. So I think that hit a nerve, and it was really frustrating for Jordan.

As an actor, is it shocking to see a character like Clark, who is normally portrayed as so powerful, being weak and in need of help?

It was really interesting to see how Tyler would portray the exhausted Clark in this way. He changed his performance a lot. He changed his posture and the way he spoke. It’s not often that we really see him play some kind of invalid that way. It was slightly annoying. Obviously, in real life, Tyler would get sick, just like any human being, but seeing Clark like that, I think was definitely very disturbing for Jordan and Jonathan.

I saw you did a few conventions during the break. Do you have any coming?

Yes! As of now I am booked for two, one in Manchester, England and one in Wales. It will be really fun. I can’t wait to meet all of our UK fans, because I’ve heard we’re really big there. We’re on the BBC there. So everyone I’ve met who is a UK fan is awesome. I hope to get the Beatles treatment! What can I say ?

Superman and Lois “Worlds War Bizarre” airs at 8 p.m. ET/PT tonight (July 21) on The CW. See some preview images here!


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