People who pack their bags at the Chico homeless site still have a few days to go out


CHICO, Calif .– The temporary rest center near Chico airport will close this week as people have a few days to get out before the vehicles are towed away.

Sunny Thompson has stayed on a bus with his wife and three-year-old daughter at the rest site for the past two months.

He said it was not easy to pack up and leave.

“Now we have to move our house and potentially lose it on the streets because our registration is in place the day before yesterday,” Thompson said. “It’s really stressful.”

Thompson said he didn’t know where to go next.

“It’s all still up in the air,” said Thompson. “They gave us two days’ notice. Even for someone in a tent, it’s not enough time to leave your house.”

Thompson has said he wants to have a house where his family can live, but this is unrealistic given the housing situation in Chico.

“Even if we were just offered the option of renting,” said Thompson. “We will pay. We both work, but there is nowhere to put the house we built in a safe place.”

Chico Public Works said the rest site was closing today, but would give people a few days before they started towing vehicles and the Chico Police Department would drop by to escort people.

Public Works also said that in the coming days, the access doors to the site will be locked.

The city and the plaintiffs are meeting with the investigating judge on Monday, September 27 to discuss the next step in finding a workable accommodation site for the homeless.


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