of Brentwood installs security system at police HQ | Brentwood homepage


City of Brentwood officials have installed a security system at the public entrance to the Brentwood Police Department headquarters at 910 Heritage Way, according to a news release.

The statement said the community hall inside the building serves as a courtroom for those in Brentwood who have hearings in City Court.

City Manager Kirk Bednar said: “Safety and security was part of our discussions when building the police headquarters. Its primary use will be for hearings, but the system is mobile and could also be used at other city facilities for high-risk events or meetings that may require additional security. Unfortunately, that is exactly what we face in today’s world.

The Passing Weapon Detection System, or ViewScan, is from South Western Communications, Inc.

The city describes it as a “state-of-the-art portable weapons detection system that uses PC-based software to display and track those concealing a weapon.”

The city says ViewScan “accurately detects the location and number of hidden objects on or inside a person’s body, giving precise location of every object, reducing the need for pat-downs and dramatically reducing downtime. screening”.

For each person passing through the system, a snapshot of the person, date and time, threshold settings, sensor readings and a graphical display are captured. The scans are not stored for public records, by the city.

“It is a completely passive system that does not emit radiation and is safe for people who have medical devices or who are pregnant,” the city said.


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