Northern Alabama Could Be Toyota’s Future Electric Car Battery Manufacturing Site


Toyota Motor North America has announced plans to build a new billion dollar factory to manufacture batteries for electric cars.

This comes just four days after the city of Huntsville announced a plan called “Project Laser,” which hopes to bring a national distributor to Huntsville.

Toyota plant in Alabama

It is still unclear whether there is a link between these two major announcements, as the city is under a non-disclosure agreement with the potential buyer of the property. However, the site is less than five miles from the Mazda Toyota plant and just 20 minutes from the Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Alabama.

“We’re giving a reason for more logistics to go through Huntsville,” says Shane Davis, City of Huntsville’s Director of Urban and Economic Development.

At Thursday’s city council meeting, Davis announced that a potential buyer wanted to purchase 134 acres between I-565 and the old Highway 20 to build a $ 100,000,000 distribution center.

“What they want to do is build a $ 100 million distribution logistics type facility that would attract a national type tenant,” Davis explained.

Council member Frances Akridge has asked many people the question: Why would an anonymous national tenant choose Huntsville?

“A specific building of something this size is very unusual. We’re not known as the logistics area except the airport, are we?” Akridge asked.

Davis replied, “We weren’t. We are now.”

Four days after the board meeting, Toyota Motor North America announced plans to build a $ 1.29 billion factory to manufacture batteries for electric cars.

They have yet to announce the new location for the plant, but it will likely be in one of the eight states that already have a Toyota manufacturing plant, such as Alabama.

130 acres of land on the Toyota Motors Manufacturing of Alabama highway might be the perfect location.

“In the future, on the east side, we will see more development, more private investment along these streets,” Davis said of “Project Laser”.

While not the site of new electric battery maker Toyota, the $ 100 million distribution center that will come here will certainly help turn the region into a new industrial park. This means more jobs and more money in northern Alabama.

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