Nintendo Switch 15.0 firmware released, fixes some kernel vulnerabilities. Incoming Atmosphere Update


Nintendo pushed firmware 15.0 for the Nintendo Switch earlier today. SciresM said it will update CFW Atmosphere to 15.0 support, while Plutoo said this new firmware fixes some kernel vulnerabilities.

Nintendo Switch firmware 15.0 – what’s new

From the official changelog:

  • The location of the Bluetooth® Audio menu in System Settings has been moved.
  • Screenshots can be taken using the capture button in the Nintendo Switch Online app available from the Nintendo Switch HOME menu. Video capture is not supported.
  • General system stability improvements to improve user experience.

We might have expected a little more spice with a major update, but that’s what it is.

Incoming Atmosphere Update + Fixed Kernel Vulnerability

More importantly, it seems that “improving system stability” actually fixes a kernel bug, according Switch hacker and scene legend Plutoo. He says:

One of my kernel bugs has been fixed :(((

If anyone wants: at first TLS pages were allocated in heap and hence recounted, but after some time moved it to slab allocator but forgot to clear IsRefCounted attribute. So he accidentally got the wrong attribute so far

Whether this bug was important for a possible Nintendo Switch firmware hack remains to be seen. Of course, in 2022, if you own one of the first hackable Switch models, a kernel exploit might not be very important to you. But for most Switch owners, since hardware hacking is quite difficult and/or expensive, a software exploit could have been a good way to take advantage of homebrew and switch hacks.

In parallel, SciresM said it would be working on an update to the popular Custom Firmware Atmosphere, to make it compatible with 15.0. Stay tuned!


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