New construction partner to begin work on the city’s largest carbon-free housing developments – City of York Council


Building on the city’s history as a housing pioneer, York City Council contracted Caddick Construction to build the council’s first zero-carbon homes.

Contracts have been signed for the construction of 112 certified Passivhaus homes under the council’s housing delivery scheme. This ambitious program led by the city council is building 600 houses across the city. Between 40-60% will be affordable, more than double what current planning guidelines require.

The first zero-carbon homes will be built at sites at Duncombe Barracks in Clifton and Burnholme in Heworth. Local residents co-designed the projects alongside the council’s Stirling Prize-winning architects, Mikhail Riches. As much of the home construction will take place off-site, neighbors will find less activity on-site than on conventional builds.

Neighbors and local residents of Duncombe Barracks will be invited to meet the Caddick and council development teams on Monday June 20. They will be able to meet key members of the team who can answer questions as well as provide information on the construction schedule and the techniques that will be used before construction begins on site in July. A similar event will be held in Burnholme later this year.

Caddick is committed to supporting the local economy, including creating 30 jobs, 22 internships and a training and development program for 14-19 year olds. In addition to aiming to source 70% of their contractors and suppliers within a 30 mile radius of the site, they will provide onsite training through apprenticeships, internships and higher qualifications for new and existing staff. . Together with York College, York Apprenticeship Hub and Job Center Plus, they will support the development of ‘green skills’ in the supply chain. The Caddick team will achieve this by participating in local construction industry skills forums, engaging with local construction trades and companies, and contributing construction training content with contractors. continuing education and higher education premises.

Supporting the council’s commitment to tackling the carbon crisis and fuel poverty, the houses will be extremely well insulated and fitted with rooftop solar panels to generate the electricity needed for the houses, including for heat pumps at energy-efficient air. In order to maintain the low-carbon construction, the building structures will be constructed of wood. Homes will benefit from high-quality green spaces and tree-lined streets on their doorstep as part of a connected, walkable neighborhood.

Cllr Denise Craghill, Executive Member for Housing and Safer Neighborhoods at York City Council, said:

Following a rigorous procurement, I am delighted that Caddick Construction is working with us to realize the vision for our housing delivery program.

“Our shared passion for Passivhaus is aimed at tackling climate change, energy bills and fuel poverty, and inspiring other developers and builders to be equally progressive and carbon-conscious. The high-quality, highly energy-efficient homes that Caddick will build are a significant step forward for housing in York, while adding at least 40% more affordable housing to the city’s stock. »

Richard Greenwood, housing manager for Caddick Construction, said:

Caddick Construction is delighted to partner with York City Council on this exciting project that will help set the standard for sustainable construction in the North.

“Green technology coupled with new building methods has made leaps and bounds in recent years, but we have yet to see these practices adopted wholesale in the UK housing market. York is extremely forward thinking in its sustainable approach to the Burnholme and Duncombe Barracks projects, and the Caddick team is ready to demonstrate that it is possible to design and produce high quality houses to the Passivhaus standard for the public sector. .


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