Netflix launched a filming site for its Canadian content


Where to find popular Netflix series or movie sites in Canada, such as Can you hear meAnd Umbrella AcademyAnd Virgin river Where downhillAnd Ms. game (The queen’s bet) And this (Anne with E)? On her new Netflix at home (A new window)The streaming platform lists several locations where certain scenes were filmed for their content.

For example, the audience of the popular series Virgin river You will know that it is possible to see the cabin where Mel’s character lives on the way to Mordo Fraser Park in North Vancouver.

And go to 54 King Street East in Hamilton, Ont., To enjoy the frontage of the chain’s grand house. Umbrella Academy Or the RV Bar, in the Ville-Émard district, to discover where Ada, Caro and Fabiola meet in season 2 of Can you hear me.

By showing Canadian filming locations on Netflix at home, the platform also wants to highlight that products shot in Canada help make people from the rest of the world want to visit Canada and learn more about its culture.

According to a Netflix survey of 13,500 people in France, Brazil, Germany, the United States, Australia and Sweden, 78% of people who watched downhillShot in the Laurentians and Lanaudière, they say they are more interested in Canadian nature and wildlife.

Overall, people who viewed Canadian content were more interested in Canadian nature, Canadian history, Indigenous culture and the local creative scene by 20%, 23%, 22% and 25%, respectively, than those who have viewed Canadian content. Series or films shot in Canada.


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