Nabha Natesh on Andhadhun Maestro remake: “Bringing this content to the Telugu industry was extremely exciting”


Actress Nabha Natesh says that she approached her latest Telugu feature film Maestro as a new film and that she did not succumb to the pressure of the dark comedy thriller being a remake of the famous Hindi film Andhadhun.

Natesh stars as Sophie in the film, a role played by Radhika Apte in the original 2018 film, directed by Sriram Raghavan.

Maestro stars actor Nithiin as Ayushmann Khurrana to play a blind pianist who finds himself involuntarily embroiled in a murder.

In an interview with PTI, Natesh said she avoids falling into the trap of comparing how Apte played the part to keep her performance fresh.

“I didn’t want to compare with what she did in the original movie. My take on the character was to (understand) the state of mind of a person who falls in love with a visually impaired person.

“Sophie regards him as someone so strong, who has a desire for life that goes beyond his visual impairment. I thought my character had to build on her character’s zeal and build it accordingly, ”she said.

Directed by Merlapaka Gandhi and produced by Shresht Movies, Maestro is currently streaming on Disney + Hotstar. The film also stars Tamannaah Bhatia in the role that Tabu initially tried out in Andhadhun, which won a national award.

Natesh said that during her three-year, nearly seven-film Telugu film career, Maestro was the first remake she worked in.
Although she liked Andhadhun, the 25-year-old actor initially didn’t know how to “approach” the character. Therefore, she decided that the first step would be to not revisit the 2018 film.

“The original film had a huge impact. It has proven that people will watch and support a movie like Andhadhun if it is done right. Bringing in this content in Telugu, which may not have been seen before in the industry, was extremely exciting. My character is nothing like what I had done before.

“But I thought if I watched the movie again I would get into a conflict. I followed what the director asked me to do. I couldn’t remember every frame from the original movie, so ‘Maestro’ was a new movie for me once I got to the sets to start filming.

The actress made her Telugu film debut in 2018 with the romantic drama Nannu Dochukunduvate starring Sudheer Babu and has found success in films like iSmart Shankar, the sci-fi actor of Puri Jagannadh and Solo Brathuke So Better of the ‘last year.

Maestro also did the trick by experimenting with the choice of projects, she said.

“I always look forward to doing something different than what I’ve done before, not to be repetitive. It’s anchored in me because I did theater, where I was trained to do characters throughout. Whatever opportunities were presented to me, my attempt was to do something new.

“Even though the role is no different, I try to play it in a way that my audience doesn’t feel like they’ve seen me do this before. It’s probably the variations that I come up with or my attempt not to bore audiences with the same thing that maybe worked for me and I want to continue on this path as well, ”she added.


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