Mumbaikars can order Cantonese Hakkasan menu from home


Hakkasan Mumbai, part of London’s Michelin-starred modern Chinese cuisine restaurant brand Hakkasan, is known for its modern Cantonese cuisine prepared using traditional techniques with a contemporary twist.

Cantonese cuisine refers to foods from the Canton region of southern China, including those from Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

The restaurant has introduced a limited edition 5-course dining experience, which you can order from the comfort of your home. The Hakkasan at Home includes the restaurant’s signature Cantonese dishes as well as new creations.

The fixed menu includes a soup, a choice of two small meals, a main dish to complement your staple food and a dessert. Order in favorites like the sweet and sour soup or sweet corn soup, small dishes like the spicy chicken dumpling, the crispy duck roll, the Edamame truffle dumpling and the carrot cake. Signature wok preparations include clay pot Sanpei chicken with sweet basil, chilli and spring onion, chilli prawns with mantou and green beans sautéed in black beans, peanuts, radishes and mushrooms. Rice and noodle options include Spring Onion Egg Fried Rice, Hand-Pulled Hakka Noodles with Shimeji Mushrooms and Bean Sprouts, and Vegetable Fried Rice. Finish your meal with a delicious chocolate mooncake, a shortcrust pastry filled with dark chocolate pastry cream.

The menu price is set at Rs. 1,495 (plus tax).

To order, call – 83558 77777.


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