Mitsch Bush: Our democracy is in danger

Diane mitsch bush
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I am a candidate for the United States House – the House of the People – because our democracy is in danger. We need an experienced, tested and trusted representative who has gone through crises calmly, such as the H1N1 swine flu, catastrophic forest fires and the Great Recession; a leader with proven skills in bringing people together, using science (not ideology) to solve problems.

The lack of leadership on COVID-19 and the murder of George Floyd have highlighted deep structural inequalities in our society.

But even before COVID-19, people here lived paycheck to paycheck. I know this struggle firsthand. I was raised by a single mother. She took out payday loans so that we could pay the rent. Then she joined a union. Ultimately, she was treated with dignity and respect at work. We were safer. We were never rich or privileged, but we had enough to get by.

Prior to running for office, I had a 28-year career as a social scientist, teacher, researcher, and volunteer policy advisor and advocate for pastoralist families, conservation groups and groups. of women. This is what got me into local politics.

From my work with Moots Cycles, I know the outdoor industry firsthand. It is a key economic driver in CD3 – now and for our future. My 2020 proposals to incent small manufacturers build on this knowledge.

I have helped preserve family ranches and productive farmland as a county commissioner and state representative. Family farming will be one of my main priorities at the Congress, as will the fight against climate change, the protection of our environment and the promotion of a just transition. That’s why former US Senator Mark Udall supported me.

At the State Capitol, I delivered for working families. I have their strong support throughout our district. I am proud to be supported in this primary by the AFL-CIO of Colorado, Unite Here, United Food and Commercial Workers and many more.

I know our neighborhood because I’ve lived there for 43 years, working alongside neighbors and the Club20 year after year to make our communities more vital and resilient. I didn’t come here just to run for Congress.

I halved Scott Tipton’s margin in 2018. I learned his playbook. Now I know how to beat him.

In 2020, Tipton only lifted two-thirds of what I have. I have collected more than twice what I have done in 2018, from donations, large and small, in the 29 counties of CD3, from all walks of life. This deep and broad support is what a popular campaign looks like.

Unaffiliated voters and Republicans support me because of my long history of listening to all voices to create practical, pragmatic science solutions.

In Congress, I will work to increase opportunity, justice, sustainability and prosperity for all:

• Rebuild our communities with investments in infrastructure, creating more decent-paying jobs;

• Provide health coverage for all and reduce drug and insurance costs;

• Fund public education so that all our children have real opportunities;

• Protect our environment and public lands;

• Defend human rights, civil rights and the right to vote.

While serving at Colorado House, I was credited with getting things done and not being in politics. I stood up to lobbyists and party leaders, not just talking about it. I will bring these skills and experience to Congress to represent you.

On Capitol Hill, a conservative agricultural group said: “Rep. Mitsch Bush is a statesman. She is always looking to Colorado’s future, not just her next election.

This is what we need in Washington. That’s why I’m going to beat Scott Tipton.

Call or email with your issues and concerns.

I would be honored to win your vote!

Diane Mitsch Bush is a Democrat running against James Iacino in the June 30 primary; for more information, his website is


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