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I finally found the real reason the Atlanta Braves overcame half a season of mediocrity and won the World Series.

Soft ice cream.

It appears that the Braves players have discovered a soft serve ice cream machine – much like Dairy Queen’s – in the visitors’ clubhouse at Fenway Park in Boston. They ate ice cream to pass the time during a three-hour rain delay against the Red Sox in late May.

So the Braves got their own ice cream machine later in the summer – and took off. Well, the addition of outfielder Jorge Soler, Adam Duvall, Eddie Rosario and Joc Pederson didn’t hurt either.

But as reliever ace Tyler Matzek pointed out: “Everyone loves ice cream.”

(My wife loves the hot fudge sundaes at Culver’s – there’s one in Macon. They use frozen pastry cream, which they say is thicker and creamier than ice cream. You decide.)

It’s like the late founder of Chick-fil-A, Truett Cathy, said: you have to eat to live, so you might as well be good.

(And, hell, I forgot to pick up my free Doritos Locos taco. Thanks to Ozzie Albies of the Braves, who stole second base in Game 1, America got free tacos as part of the ” Steal a base, steal a taco promotion.)

So it’s time for another take on Rick Millians’ “Best Thing I Ever Ate” show, with our apologies to Food Network.

My readers ask for it. Butch Goff said he was stuck on the Catfish Trail (Down South, Thompson’s Cove and Herb’s). Here are some new options, Butch, although some require a bit of travel.


This downtown Milledgeville restaurant is the place to go for breakfast, brunch, and lunch. I love their omelets, blueberry pancakes and French toast. (Although I haven’t tried the cinnamon French toast yet. Maybe next time.)

What sets them apart are their Eggs Benedict. Or maybe I should say Egg Benedicts.

I love the names: (Ernest) Hemingway offers fresh spinach and smoked salmon; (Colonel) Beauregard is a biscuit, a sausage and two eggs topped with a sausage juice; and the (New Orleans) Sardou has spinach and creamed artichokes.


This place, which has two locations in Athens, is famous for its cookies. They are large and square. Add real butter and apple butter and it’s perfect.

They also have what’s called the chef’s signature cookie sandwiches. I recommend two: The Farm (fried chicken, cheddar cheese, fried egg, bacon and tomato) and The Knuckle Sandwich (UGA smoked ham, cheddar cheese, fried egg and apple butter).

But if you really want to go crazy, try the Georgia Peach French Toast: Luna sweet bread dipped in cinnamon and vanilla custard, seared and topped with chilled peach compote, whipped cream, candied pecans and sugar. in powder.


Well, if you’ve ever seen the Fox Brothers on TV, you know they’re great guys. And I might be that fat if I keep eating French toast. But thank goodness they brought their Texan style barbecue to Atlanta.

I wanted to go, but I had the next best thing: a sampler at Larry and Susie Middlebrooks’ house. They had ribs, pulled pork and a real treat: Fox Bros. Stew. Brunswick.

That was delicious. It was big, like vegetable soup, with lima beans, cream of corn and russet potatoes. And it contained a large amount of their pulled pork.

That’s all we have time for today, but maybe next time I can brag about the virtues of a pizza for BiBa’s meat lovers.

Rick Millians, a 1970 Baldwin High graduate, worked for newspapers in Georgia, Ohio, and South Carolina before retiring. Contact him at [email protected]


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