Legacy Owensboro cuts tape for new home in movie theater


OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) Continuation of a story we first presented to you as part of our “Where Are They On This Project” series: Turning an Old Owensboro Cinema into a Church.

Legacy Owensboro has shown off its new home after its makeover over the past few years.

What once housed feature films and presentations, now offers a different type of presentation.
“This is the church for us,” said Scott Calhoun, who has attended church for five years. “It’s amazing and the best is yet to come.

Legacy Owensboro hosted church services and other events at the old Malco Theater on Frederica Street for over a year after spending about nine years at their old site near Kentucky Wesleyan College.

“We were so cramped. There was no room. We could not expand our children’s section and our sanctuary was full on Sunday morning. The sanctuary is still quite full, but now we have room for the children ”,
Calhoun said, recalling what the services looked like on the old site.

The southern end of the old theater has been turned into a ministry and sanctuary for their children. The church bought the building over two years ago, where it renovated the old screening rooms for new purposes.

“Our challenges were absolutely to deal with the different slopes that are in the auditoriums, where all the theaters had their own slopes that they had set for the stadium seats and everything. It was a challenge, ”said Pastor Jeff Phillips.

The other big challenge for him and the congregation was getting through the onset of the pandemic, which kept their new doors closed for most of spring 2020.

“During that time, we had, within a month or two, signed a new mortgage. It was very urgent. It was a time when you certainly had to rely on the Lord for what was to follow, because I couldn’t. I couldn’t tell what was going to happen, ”recalls Pastor Phillips.

Pastor Phillips says their next phase includes changing the north end of the building to a permanent shrine once that becomes possible.

(This story was originally posted on September 9, 2021)


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