KKK images briefly posted to Montgomery School’s online review page

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Online search results images for a Montgomery County high school were briefly updated with Ku Klux Klan photos this week, prompting school leaders to speak out against hate speech of any kind.

Damascus High School’s searches of Apple’s Maps app on Monday night yielded results with various images of KKK members standing under burning crosses and an image of a Confederate flag, according to social media posts showing the results.

“I was notified yesterday afternoon that an internet application was displaying hate symbols upon entering Damascus High School. I alerted MCPS Security and our technology specialists and was advised to ‘go on the app and report the images as symbols of hate and ask that they be removed,’ Principal Kevin D. Yates wrote in a letter to the school community on Tuesday. hate in MCPS.”

The KKK footage had been taken down early Tuesday. It is unclear who uploaded the KKK footage. If ever a student was identified as having posted the images, they would be disciplined in accordance with the system’s student code of conduct, school spokesman Chris Cram said.

The images were originally posted on rating site Yelp. Apple’s Maps app pulls data from Yelp when searching for a location.

Other schools in Montgomery County Public Schools — such as Magruder High School, Northwest High School and Wheaton High School — were inundated with images on Yelp that had nothing to do with the schools, including screenshots of screen of tweets about the game “Among Us” and other internet memes.

The incident comes after a Confederate flag was raised outside La Plata High School in Charles County, Maryland in May. Charles County Public Schools officials said in a statement that the flag raising was an “isolated incident” that “does not reflect the values ​​and beliefs of the school system.” The superintendent of the school system called the incident “a teachable moment”. The county sheriff’s office is investigating and released surveillance video of two people who may have been involved.


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