‘It was like a bomb’: massive explosion hits Oklahoma City home


THE CITY OF OKLAHOMA (KFOR– Oklahoma City emergency responders were called to the scene of an explosion that razed a house on Friday.

“If I felt like a bomb had happened, a big old bomb,” neighbor Esperanza Hernandez said.

An Oklahoma City fire official said one person lived in the house.

Two K9 teams responded to the blast scene to search the rubble, and Oklahoma City Police officials later said there was no one inside when the blast went off. is produced.

Authorities eventually got hold of the owner of the home, who is currently in Waco, Texas. They said he was shocked when they told him his house had exploded.

Firefighters said a strong smell of natural gas had been detected, but authorities were still working to confirm the cause of the explosion at the time of publication.

“We are awaiting confirmation of [Oklahoma Natural Gas]but when the fire department arrived there was a smell of gas in the area, ”said Captain Scott Douglas of the Oklahoma City Fire Department. “And we had a few neighbors who informed us that they had called the NGO a few days ago about gas problems happening on the streets in some of these houses.”

NGO staff intervened at the scene to investigate on Friday.

Firefighters said they shut off gas at the location and cut off all electricity the house was receiving.

It is heartbreaking that a member of the community lost their home, said Douglas.

“It’s hard to see a house with one of our residents in Oklahoma City, their house leveled to the ground. It’s disheartening that we have a neighbor who doesn’t have a home, ”he said.

The Oklahoma County Office of Assessors website shows that the house in the image below is the house that exploded:

The photo goes with the story
From the Oklahoma County Assessors Office website


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