Idaho ranked second worst state for internet coverage


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If so, congratulations; You are one of the 91.4% of Idaho residents who have Wi-Fi access.

This number sounds like a good bunch of people, and it is. But comparatively, Idaho has the second-worst WiFi coverage in the US, according to new research from UK broadband analyst Uswitch.

Of the 1,790,953 residents living in Idaho, according to Uswitch figures, 154,684 do not have access to at least one internet service provider, which represents 8.6%.

The study calculated its percentages considering that people have Internet access if they have access to ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line), cable, or a fiber broadband connection.

Uswitch used the Federal Communication Commission’s 2020 open data to calculate how many people in each state had access to zero ISPs. State populations were also extracted from FCC open data.

Wyoming is the only state with less coverage than Idaho, with 10.3% of its 556,446 residents living without access to an internet service provider, according to the study.

Worst Connections TABLE.jpg
Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana all make the top five worst internet access in the United States. Switch

Montana ranks fourth on the list, with 6.83% of its residents without internet access, creating a WiFi black hole in the northern mountainous states.

But Idahoans can take comfort in the fact that Uswitch has calculated that the Gem State has the seventh lowest average cable price. Customers in Idaho can get their cable Internet for an average cost of 55 cents per megabit per second of bandwidth.

Sparklight, Xfinity, and Spectrum are among the internet providers that provide cable in the Boise area.

Cheapest Broadband Cable Chart.jpg
Idaho is tied with 15 other states for the cheapest wired internet for average cost per megabit per second. Switch

Connecticut has the best internet coverage in the country, with only 0.3% of its more than 3.5 million residents without internet access.

Here are the top five states and bottom five states for Internet access and the percentage of each state’s population without access:

top five

1 – Connecticut – 0.33%

2- New York – 0.53%

3- Maine – 0.55%

4 – New Jersey – 0.82%

5 – North Carolina – 0.95%

last five



48 – Mississippi – 7.02%


50 – Wyoming – 10.28%

This story was originally published September 7, 2022 11:27 a.m.

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