How to “download” Wordle and play it offline for free, forever


Wordle was recently acquired by The New York Times and the article from the publication announcing the same also hinted that the game would eventually be monetized in some format. “The company has said the game will initially remain free for new and existing players,” the post wrote, suggesting that the popular game may soon move behind a paywall.

If you’re worried about any of these things happening, rest assured because you can disconnect the entire game on your desktop with just your mouse and a few clicks. The simple trick was pointed out by Twitter user Aaron Rieke (@aaronkbr) via The edge and allows anyone with a desktop or laptop computer to simply “backup” the entire Wordle database, which is just a simple code and HTML file, to your player .

Users can then open the HTML file offline any day and play the game as they would on the online counterpart. You can even split your score using these gray, yellow, and green boxes as you normally would. Here’s how.

Warning: As the report mentions, this trick could be considered copyright infringement, but since saving web pages offline has been a native feature of modern browsers for quite some time and used by many people across the world, whether or not you should do it is debatable. .

How to “download” Wordle

Step 1: Open a browser on your Windows machine (we used Chrome) and navigate to the Wordle website.

2nd step: Right-click on any empty space on the site to open the context menu and choose “Save as”. You can even press ‘Ctrl+S’ on your keyboard.

Here’s how to register Wordle. (PhotoExpress)

Step 3: A Windows dialog will open where you can decide where to save the game. You can save it to any folder on your drive that you like. From the “Save as type” drop-down menu, choose “Web Page, Full”.

how to register wwordle, how to download wordle, wordle, wordle tips and tricks, These are the two files you will see downloaded. (PhotoExpress)

How to read the files you have just saved?

You will see two downloaded items. The first will be a folder containing two files. Leave it intact. The second is an HTML file that will open the game offline. You can just double click the HTML icon to play the game easily. That’s it.

Premium: To make your HTML hack a true offline game, you can even place both the Wordle folder and the HTML file in a parent folder called “Wordle” under “C/Program files”. You can then copy the HTML file and place a shortcut to it on your desktop, just like with other games you might have installed on your PC.

how to register wwordle, how to download wordle, wordle, wordle tips and tricks, You can add a custom .ico icon file to the HTML file shortcut to make Wordle look like a proper game. (PhotoExpress)

You can then even change the Wordle shortcut icon on your desktop using any ‘.ico’ file or creating your own. Alto! You now have a completely offline Wordle game on your desktop.


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