Google Sponsors Wagtail CMS Next Generation Web Content Management Experience


Wagtail’s strict security standards are just one of the reasons Google uses the open source CMS for some of its flagship sites like and When Google saw the roadmap of upcoming improvements for Wagtail, they realized how much their team would benefit from it and decided to provide $150,000 corporate sponsorship to accelerate the development effort.

Paul Bakaus, Senior Staff Creator Advocate at Google, said, “Google is a strong believer in open source software and over the years has benefited greatly from Wagtail. We look forward to seeing how our contribution will accelerate the next generation of Wagtail. “

The new Page Editor includes a host of new features to improve collaboration and workflow, as well as tools to help editors create more effective, findable, and accessible content. As Wagtail is an open source project, once new features and improvements have been developed and incorporated into the main Wagtail project, all Wagtail users will reap the benefits for free.

Phil DexterProduct Manager Wagtail of Torchbox, adds: “A key pillar of our vision is for Wagtail to be a pleasure for publishers. This improvement is a huge step forward and we can’t wait to get started.”

The first version should be available in Wagtail 2.18 in August 2022.

Learn more about the future of publishing in Wagtail CMS.

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Notes to Editor:

Wagtail is the leading Python-based open-source CMS, founded by digital agency Torchbox.



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