Free money for funeral, but few takers


Kansas City, MO – A federal program that pays the burial costs of loved ones who have died of Covid is struggling to attract clients.

“A lot of people leave a lot of money on the table,” said Ed Michael Reggie, owner of, a website that helps people manage funeral expenses by posting prices for each funeral home in the area. area for services ranging from cremation to burials. .

The federal funeral assistance program, administered by FEMA, reimburses families up to $ 9,000. Everyone is eligible, regardless of your income. So even if your loved one died last year, you can still make a claim.

Many people have yet to take advantage of the program. For example, in Missouri, about 48 percent of eligible families requested money. The percentage is even lower in Kansas at 39 percent.

“The FEMA funeral reimbursement program is a big deal,” Reggie said. “It is incredibly underutilized. “

To get the money, go to the FEMA homepage and enter Covid funeral assistance for all the facts before calling FEMA at 844-684-6333. The only way to apply is by phone. A FEMA representative will ask you for a copy of your loved one’s death certificate and social security number, as well as a detailed receipt from a funeral home.

Remember that no one from the federal government will contact you about this assistance program. So if you get a call hang up. It is a scam.


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