Former CIA ‘black site’ where prisoners were tortured is up for sale


The Lithuanian government is set to sell a compound that was once used by the CIA as a “black site” where prisoners of the war on terror were interrogated and tortured.

The compound, which is near the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, was used by the CIA until 2006. Several high-level prisoners, including Abu Zubaydah and Khalid Sheikhwere brought there and subjected to various forms of torture.

A 2014 CIA report found that prisoners brought to the site, called Project No. 2 or Purple Detention Site, had been tortured in other “black site” prisons and had been “nearly depleted of actionable intelligence”. upon their arrival. . Despite this, they were subjected to other forms of torture, such as sleep deprivation and constant exposure to bright lights and high-intensity noise.

After the site was closed in 2006, it was converted into a training center operated by the Lithuanian intelligence services from 2007 to 2018.

Officials did not say how much the property would cost when it hits the market.

Human rights activists are not happy that the property is being sold, while those responsible for what happened at the site go unpunished.

“The fact that this site where detainees have been tortured and abused is simply going to be sold without any acknowledgment of the truth, without any serious investigation, speaks to the fact that impunity has reigned supreme over the CIA’s torture program. and on the European government complicity policy”, Amrit Singhan attorney for the Open Society Justice Initiative, told the Washington Post.


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