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“This summer, If and be seen.”

Like the sound of a fried egg on the scorching Tucson asphalt, there’s a lot of sizzle with this cluster of local restaurants.

If Charro, which is responsible for bringing the tastes of all Cafe El Charro Locations, Charro & Del Rey Steak, Barrio Charro, and Charrovida in Tucson, announced a plethora of promotions to help everyone navigate their way through the long, hot summer.

There’s plenty to choose from too, like limited menus, specialty cocktails, gift cards galore, and even grill kits so you can recreate the epic meals at home.

Cafe El Charro

311 N. Court Ave. • 7725 N. Oracle Rd. • 6910 E. Sunrise Dr.

Photo courtesy of Si Charro

This summer marks the 99th year of El Charro Café – quite a feat. Chief Carlotta Flores continues to lead the culinary team of El Charro in the spirit of his Tia Monica Flin, the founder of El Charro. Between now and Sunday August 15, all three locations will be serving specials in addition to the regular menu. Some of what you will find on the menu include Charros and Camarones and a collection of “Margs & Ritas”.

Charros and Camarones
  • Poblano Enchilada Elegante Shrimps – Grilled shrimp, peppers and bacon in corn tortillas rolled twice and cooked in our Poblano Crema with queso oaxaca, avocado salsa and marinated pink onion
  • Fajita Lettuce Cups with Grilled Shrimp (2) – Grilled shrimp and pepper mixta with lettuce leaves, queso cotija, chipotle cream, avocado salsa and lime margarita vinaigrette
  • Mojo de Ajo shrimp tamale – Grilled garlic chimichurri shrimp on our delicious handmade corn tamal with tomatillo sauce and queso oaxaca
99th Charro Summer “Margs & ‘Ritas”
  • Splash model – margarita made with organic tamarindo nectar, fresh citrus fruits, pebbles and a refreshing touch of frozen Negra Modelo
  • Mangopeño – mango margarita with mango nectar, crushed jalapeño, dash of tamarindo, citrus, agave, and served with a rim sprinkled with tagin
  • Charro Island – margarita with fresh coconut, pineapple and lime nectar and a tropical pea flower tea float with a toasted coconut rim
  • Watermelon fresco – watermelon nectar margarita with agave, fresh mint and sea salt edge

Plus, send stories of your favorite El Charro memories to for use in a 100th anniversary commemorative publication. 100 submissions will be selected and each will win a $ 100 Charro card.

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Charro & Del Rey Steak

188 E. Broadway Boulevard
Charro & Del Rey Steak

Photo courtesy of Charro Steak & Del Rey

Popular grill kits have made a comeback, which was originally created during the pandemic to serve a predominantly home population. This summer’s “Teach them to grill… but only with grass-fed beef” promotion features local ingredients, sustainably farmed products and home-made sides.

To order, call (520) 495-1922 or email [email protected]

Teach them to grill menu options
  • La Cala – Charro Burger ($ 49.95) (Feeds up to six people)
    • Six half pound grass-fed beef patties, queso Manchego
    • Pint of Charro Sauce
    • Six handmade local Barrio Charro bread rolls
    • Chips and salsa
  • Terna’s “Sampler” ($ 49.95) (Feeds up to six to eight people)
    • 10 ounces of grass-fed carne asada
    • 12 oz New York Strip
    • 14 oz grass-fed boneless rib eye
    • Marinated half chicken,
    • 12 oz Duroc Pork Chop
    • Charro beans (two quarts)
    • Local tortillas (two dozen)
    • Chips and salsa

In addition to these takeaways, the Daily Happy Hour “Meat Me” special features half-price burgers and Carne Asada Fries, as well as all the aperitifs, house wines, bottled spirits, pressures and cervezas.

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Charro vida

7109 N. Oracle Rd.

Aguas Frescas in Charro Vida (Photo credit: Jackie Tran)

Charro vida Menu “Summer of Vida ’21”, which is vegan and protein on demand, offers a mix of salads, desserts, cool classic drinks and at half price an enticing variety of mimosas offered by the glass, bottle or plane.

Keep in mind that the regular menu will also be available with the summer specials.

Menu “Summer of Vida ’21”
  • The summer of ceviche – with pickled vegetables
    • Optional marinated shrimp supplement
  • Caesar Tostita Salad – vegetarian caesar on avocado tostitas with charred cabbage, vegan feta, pink onion, nuggets, cucumber and radish
    • Optional grilled shrimp supplement with chimichurri
  • Tacos Diablos – charred cauliflower diablo with vegan taco cream, greens, pico salsa and pink onion
    • Optional Diablo Grilled Shrimp Supplement
  • Chef’s Brulé and berries – vegetable recipe with vanilla and fresh berries
Charro & Chill menu
  • Mojito mist – sparkling rum and mint bubbles
  • Cafécito hut – fresh coffee, coconut rum and nectar
  • The Del Charro – whiskey del bac, agave, prickly pear and citrus fruits
  • La Playa Rosa – pink lemon, Titos vodka, prickly pear, citrus fruits, mint and agave

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Barrio Charro

3699 N. Campbell Ave.
Barrio Charro

Photo courtesy of Barrio Charro on Facebook

New Si Charro member Barrio Charro continues to present their innovative menu created by the chef Carlotta Flores and nominated for the James Beard Award Don Guerra of Barrio bread.

Discover the novelties of their summer menu, you will not be disappointed.

Summer Recipe Menu
  • Wilshire watermelon – fresh watermelon, spicy pepitas, queso fresco, pink onion and sweet pepper vinaigrette on balsamic cabbage
  • Enchanted elote – roasted street corn, queso cotija, avocado, iceberg, lime, coriander, cream, spicy pepitas with tagin and pink onion
    • Optional grilled chicken supplement
  • Barrio Burritos – grilled calabacitas, peppers and queso oaxaca, wrapped in a tortilla of Barrio grain flour with salsa rojo, lettuce, coriander, papa pink onion, egg
    • Choice of veggie, vegan, pollo asado, carne asada, frijole and queso, charro birria, pork carnitas, chicken tinga
  • Enchiladas el Cortez – layered enchiladas recipes with calabacitas, red and green sauce, queso, cream, fresh green vegetables and frijoles
    • Choice of vegetables, vegans, pollo asado, carne asada and pork carnitas

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