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After-school programs help children achieve their goals and prepare them for success in school and in life. The Duval County Schools homepage has more information about after-hours programs.

Intellectual, social and emotional development are the pillars of child development. After-school programs help children achieve these goals and prepare them for success in school and in life. Duval County Schools Home Page for more information on Communities In Schools of Jacksonville after-school programs.

If you’re a parent, after-school programs can provide your child with valuable life skills that will serve them long after their school years are over. Numerous studies show that children who participate in community service are more likely to stay out of trouble, develop empathy and a strong work ethic, and even do better academically. Participating in just one activity related to their professional interests can improve their future job prospects.

By taking advantage of after-school programs, your children can lead more active lives and learn other skills that will serve them well throughout their lives. The Duval County website has information about these programs and many more that students can take advantage of.

Many students at this school participate in after-school programs that allow them to participate in physical activity, arts and culture, and civic engagement. Students also learn about financial literacy and academics as part of their attendance.

Numerous studies have shown that after-school programs can increase academic performance, improve behavior, and reduce absenteeism rates. In addition to providing a safe and nurturing place to spend time outside of school hours, after-school programs can help improve student grades, reinforce positive behaviors, and instil a sense of community.

Research has shown that students involved in extracurricular activities perform better academically and exhibit more positive character traits than those who are not. An after-school program is a great way to extend these opportunities to all students.

Through an after-school program, students at Communities In Schools of Jacksonville can learn leadership skills, participate in club activities, and connect with their peers. These benefits extend beyond the boundaries of school and into home life, contributing to a more stable childhood environment.

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Communities in Jacksonville Schools has kept students on the path to graduation for over 30 years. Providing support and encouragement to Duval County Public School students, they help them stay in school and succeed in life.

Last name: Communities in Jacksonville Schools

Address: 532 Riverside Ave, Suite 3-OH Jacksonville, FL 32202

Phone number: (904) 344-3900

Email ID: [email protected]

Website: https://cisjax.org/

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Company Name: Communities in Jacksonville Schools
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