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Easton, Pennsylvania, September 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / -Crayola, a 118-year-old brand known for inspiring creative play for kids, is a first original Scribble Scrubbie Pets digital series created by premium kids and the WildBrain Spark family. A new season has started. AVOD network and digital studio. The Crayola Kingdom channel is operated worldwide by WildBrain Spark on YouTube and YouTube Kids and is home to the Scribble Scrubbie Pets series and all Crayola children’s content.

This month, the Crayola Kingdom YouTube channel launched a new season of 20 3-minute animations and 20 1-minute draw episodes, with new episodes released every week. Designed to appeal to children ages 5-8, the new content is part of Crayola’s digital engagement strategy that integrates physical play and entertainment, reaching Generation Alpha on your favorite platform.

Based on the line of creative toys from the popular Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets, the digital series has been developed to appeal to children with unique elements of animation, real-life play and drawing. The content focuses on what kids love most about the toy line – bring their imaginations to life with endless color and design changes for washable pets.

Using WildBrain Spark’s first digital best practices, data and information from the show’s first season, new content includes popular characters such as Makena (birds), Tsumas (elephants), and scooters (dogs). is in the spotlight further). The new season focuses on live arts and crafts items, a theme that is becoming increasingly popular on the platform.

“Through the Crayola Kingdom Channel, children can bond stronger emotionally as they watch the characters in Crayolas Cribble Scrub Beep and come to life onscreen and learn to draw their favorites.” Declared. Rich Werther, President and CEO of Crayola. “This proprietary storytelling platform helps Crayola learn, engage and delight our # 1 consumer target through insights from WildBrain Spark, YouTube analytics, and content informed by our own research. It represents a new era of connection with children that makes it possible. “

Rachel Taylor, the Commercial Director of WildBrain Spark added: “Partnering with Crayola to design and launch a YouTube strategy for kids has been an exciting journey to create channels and programs that bridge the gap between digital entertainment and physical play. Unique analytics tools and YouTube expertise. Through knowledge, data provides a clear indicator of what viewers are most likely to watch. This is the key to communicating our strategy. This final season of Crayola original content focuses on what kids love most about the first season. Bring the world of Scribble Scrubbie Pets to life for your fans. “

Since Crayola Kingdom launched in late 2020, the channel has been viewed over 13.2 million times and has been viewed over 370,000 hours to date.

Kim rompira, EVP Global Product Marketing, Development and Activation of Crayola said, “Our goal was to enter the children’s entertainment space in a modern and original way. The next step is to continue meeting this generation’s kids on YouTube for a colorful, digital play experience. To enrich. “

You can still access the Scribble Scrubbie Pets series and other Crayola content.

Crayola Kingdom YouTube channel.

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Crayola Partners with WildBrain Spark to Launch New Season of Premier Digital Content | Around the Web-Pennsylvania

Source Link Crayola Partners with WildBrain Spark to Launch New Season of Premier Digital Content | Around the Web-Pennsylvania



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