Council Approves Elections for Bond Program, Charter, District 4 – Welcome to the City of Fort Worth


Published on February 09, 2022

The city council on Tuesday authorized the holding of three elections on May 7:

Bond election

Voters are being asked to consider proposals totaling $560 million that would provide funding to improve roads, provide new parks and recreation amenities, add a new library, build public safety facilities and acquire open space.

The election of bonds includes five propositions:

Proposal A: $360,218,300 for street and mobility projects.

Proposal B: $123,955,500 for parks and recreation purposes, including a new aquatic center in the Stop Six neighborhood and a rebuilt Forest Park pool.

Proposal C: $12,505,200 for a new library in far northwest Fort Worth.

Proposal D: $39,321,000 for police and fire department public safety facilities. Included is a proposed headquarters for the Northwest Patrol Division.

Proposal E: $15 million for the city’s Natural Areas and Open Spaces program, which focuses on acquiring and improving land throughout the city to improve air and water quality, and facilitate other environmental benefits and preserve natural areas.

Citizens weighed in on the list of proposed bond projects at public meetings held last fall, and the City responded to their comments and concerns by adding $56 million to proposed funding for arterials, neighborhood streets and intersections to help reduce congestion and improve safety. Other changes to the program included increased proposed funding for the replacement of the Forest Park Pool, the Stop Six Aquatic Facility and Botanical Gardens infrastructure upgrades, and the addition of Park Development community of Oak Grove.

Voters can vote for or against each of the proposals individually.

A series of voter information meetings will be announced for this spring.

Learn more about online bond proposals.

City charter election

Thirteen proposed amendments to the city charter will also be on the May 7 ballot. Voters can vote for or against each of the proposals individually.

Among the proposals:

  • Set the mayor’s annual salary at half the base average annual salary for all city department heads and the councilors’ annual salary at half the base average annual salary for all deputy city department heads. Based on February 2022 data, the numbers are $99,653 for the mayor and $76,727 for each of the other council members. If the ballot proposal passes, the pay rate for the mayor and council would be calculated annually as part of the budget process, starting this summer, and could go up or down depending on the averages of the positions listed.
  • Removed assessment and collection of taxes as a requirement of the Department of Finance to reflect that the current practice of assessment and collection of all taxes, including special assessments, is done by Tarrant County .
  • Amend the charter to clarify that the City is not required to assess owners of abutting properties for the cost of constructing sidewalks and curbs and that the City may directly pay these costs itself.

Other proposals seek to remove outdated language and reflect the current organization of Fort Worth municipal government.

District 4 Special Election

An election will be held on May 7 to fill an unexpired term in Council District 4 following council member Cary Moon’s filing for the Texas House of Representatives.

Nominations for the election close March 7, 2022.

Additional information about the election, including ordinances calling the election, will be posted on the City Clerk’s Election page.

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