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Colorado Head Coach Tad Boyle

Opening statement

“(Tonight was) another fierce victory that was played out. It was closer than it probably needed. Stanford is a good team. They have good players. Everyone has seen how good Harrison Ingram is tonight. I was thinking of Tristan da Silva’s defensive effort against him – it’s a tough game – but it’s good when you have a 6’10 “player who can keep him. Jabari (Walker) did a good job on him when he was on him when he was on him. Jabari took 13 rebounds, which was fantastic. But as you know you’re sick of me talking about defense and rebounds, our defense and our rebounds don’t were not good enough to win tonight. But our attack was a game. We split the ball, and we moved the ball. I was really happy with our attacking effort tonight. We needed all three (pointer ), we needed every free throw down the stretch because our defense wasn’t very good and (Stanford’s) a good rebounding team.

On what was missing on the defensive side

“In the first half, (Stanford G Noah) Taitz comes in. He’s a shooter. They are running an out of bounds game. They gave him a small flare screen that we went through in a shootaround. We’re supposed to change it. He does all three. (On) the last play of the half, they call a play. We have the play call. We tell our players what’s coming. They’re hosting a three-point game for Taitz (where) we’re supposed to change. It makes a three. There are six points. Spencer Jones, in the second half, achieves a staggered double. He’s a shooter. We do not shade it. He hits a three. There are nine points right there without even watching the movie that I know we gave up on because we’re not aware of what we’re supposed to do with our defensive habits and (with) scouting reports. We were cut back for a layup in the first or second bucket of the game because we don’t see a man in the ball when they are playing ball with Ingram, because (they) are playing through him in the post . He bounces back and he’s a good passer (and) a good finisher. But, he was 3-for-13 on the court tonight. We’ll take that against a good shooter all the time. We held it to eight points and 13 shots. It’s rather good. Tristan deserves a lot of credit for this. Our team too. We did a good job on him.

On tight contests at the start of the season

“It gives us confidence. We talked about this during the four-minute media break. The score was tied. It’s like “guys, we’ve been here in five or six games, we’ve been in this situation.” (Stanford) hasn’t been in a lot of close games. With each close game you win, you become a little more confident over time. We have to learn to extend the leads when we have them or don’t fall 21-10 like we did. We are leading five at half time, and they come out and score the first seven points of the second half. We must ask for a time out. We just need to become more consistent, and we’re not there yet. At some point it’s going to cost us a game, so we better figure that out. “

On Evan Battey reaching 1,000 career points

“Anyone who knows Evan Battey or follows this team and has followed us knows what a special young man he is. What I like about Evan, as a senior, is that he has a different role this year. He’s been a starter and he’s been a big part of what we do, but he hasn’t been our top scorer. This year, we need him to score. He knows it. He has worked on his game. Before practice and after practice, you see him (put on extra work). When you see a kid working on their game and you see it paying off in games like this, it is heartwarming as a coach because hard work pays off. It’s a great lesson in life. He learned from previous players in this program. Our young people must learn from Evan. You don’t get better by talking or tweeting about it or hoping and praying about it. You do (better and better) when you enter the gym. Evan went to the gym and spent a lot of time, and it pays off. “

On the maturity of KJ Simpson

I’m really happy with his progress. I think it happens. Defensively it will be a challenge for him to really lock in. Offensively, he played with a better pace tonight (and) had a really good shot in the first half. (He) led the way, played on two feet, jumped, turned around. He can score the ball when he brings it to the rim. He’s a good finisher. He grew up before our eyes.

We if he likes the Pac-12 games at the start of the season

“Not on November 29. It’s a bit early for us with a team that has a lot of young people. It’s just a part of it. The schedule is the schedule, you control what you can control. But I think the league’s 20-game schedule is good if everyone in the league is doing what they’re supposed to be doing outside of conferences. Unfortunately, our league is not doing it this year. The league’s 20-game schedule may or may not help us. But the idea behind it, I understand it. I’m not going to change it. We will live with it. Now we have the chance to go to UCLA. All you can ask for in life is an opportunity. We have a great opportunity ahead of us and we’re going to let it all hang out. ”

Colorado players

Tristan Da Silva, So., F

In the custody of Harrison Ingram

“The coaches told us he was a great player and you can see him there. He’s one of the scorers, rebounders and assistants. I think he’s a big key to their success and it’s even more important that we block the defense and try to make things as difficult as possible for him and I’ve tried to do that.

On the limitation of turnover

“It was important for us to get the teams out of the transition and not giving them easy buckets is really important to us. Run in attack if we return the ball, there is no chance we can shoot up. If we take care of the ball and we run, we have more chances to score and more chances to succeed.

By becoming a starter this year

“Like Jabari said earlier, I was just trying to make an impact on the game. Trying to do things, whether it’s scoring, rebounding, looking for my teammates or playing defense tonight. We are preparing games. for each other and we protect each other and I’m just trying to find the open man to allow my teammates to shoot easily.

Jabari Walker, So., F

On the team’s defensive performance

“We had to box and bounce back. It was the number one key we had there today. They got a lot of second chance points even when we challenged the high shots. I think playing strong defense and finishing possession was key in the end.

Help the team in many ways

“It will come eventually. I’m not worried about that at the moment, but I’m just trying to do other things and I’m doing it in the midrange pull-up because they’re going to take out three more as long as they get me. overplay. . The game always slows down for me, so I’m just trying to learn new things and learn on the fly.

Evan Battey, Sr., F.

By reaching 1000 points

“It was special. It’s better to do it at home than on the road, but I can’t really find the words and just want to win. I’m not worried about the individual steps; I just want to win games. It’s good and everything and I’m very happy with it but I’m focused on the next game.

By being the fourth of the 2017 promotion to cross the 1000 points milestone

“I’m still in contact with these guys so I’ll probably hear from them. It means the world. It’s gratifying to really show that we’ve come here and accomplished our mission, which is to take Colorado basketball to the next level and have an abundance of school pride. Like I mentioned, just take Colorado basketball to the next level. “

On difficult parts

“I said when we came back from Virgo Island we learned some good things, winning a lot of close matches gives you a good experience. We know how to win close games, we’re 6-1 and it shows. Of course I would love to win every game at 20 or 30 but that’s not the reality and it’s not the truth, so it’s going to be an air fight all year round. We’re just going to have to prepare. Positivity and the next play will be the mantra all year round.

On the importance of play – “I have had so many memorable games here and I look back all the years and I am very lucky to have teammates passing the ball to me and teammates who were ready to throw it to me in the post, to throw it to me. It’s because of my teammates. I score thanks to my teammates and I’m grateful.

Stanford Head Coach Jerod Haase

On the team’s overall performance
“At the end of the day, I’m proud of our guys’ effort. We had a stretch in the first half. We had a lot of turnovers. I thought our guys got the message at half-time. More importantly, we had a chance at the end and we didn’t. We’re going to take some things out of that, some positives. “

About Spencer Jones Performance
“Yeah, you know Spencer’s (Jones) foul issues were a challenge throughout the game. His leadership, his shots and obviously the points are precious and we have to keep pushing him forward and I think that will be a good first step to put him on the right path on the offensive side.


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