Cloudflare Is About To Make Millions Of Web Pages Much Faster


Cloudflare announced that its customers will now be able to generate Signed Exchanges (SXG) for Google Search with one click.

For those who are not familiar, Signed Exchanges is a new open web platform specification developed by Google to allow a cached version of a website to be verified much faster. This means that third parties such as Google from its search results page or news aggregators linked to other sites will be able to deliver web pages even faster.

Website owners will see their sites load faster when linked to a site that supports SXG, but since many search engines use page load times to determine search results, they will also see a good SEO boost.

Signed exchanges

A signed exchange is used to authenticate the origin of a resource, regardless of how it was delivered according to a new blog post by Cloudflare. Through this decoupling, a variety of use cases such as prefetching, offline internet experiences, and serving from third-party caches are all advanced in a secure and privacy-preserving manner.

One of the best aspects of signed exchanges is that it makes content portable, as content delivered through an SXG can easily be distributed by third parties while maintaining full assurance and attribution of its origin. Previously, the only way for a site to use a third party to distribute its content while retaining attribution was for the site to share its SSL certificates with the distributor.

In the future, truly portable content can be used for new use cases, such as fully offline experiences. Now, however, the main use cases for SXGs are to provide faster user experiences by delivering content in an easily cacheable format. Google search also caches and sometimes prefetch SXGs, and therefore sites that receive a large portion of their search engine traffic from Google can benefit from this new open web platform specification.

Automatically signed exchanges will be free to all Cloudflare Pro, Business, and Enterprise customers as well as those using the company’s Advanced Platform Optimization product. Interested users can register to join the Signed Exchange Beta Auto Waitlist today and once approved, activating the SXGs simply requires them to flip a single switch.


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