Civic Passion founder ordered to remove sensitive content from site


National Security Police have asked the now-dead Civic Passion founder Wong Yeung-tat to remove content suspected of hampering national security from his website and social media.

Wong, also a director of Passion Times, an online media portal, said on Facebook that national security police came to his home and office in the morning to deliver a notice with deadlines and conditions. and asked him to remove the content from his website and social media. at the deadline.

So far, he said, he “is safe and allowed to move freely.

“The risk of doing media work in Hong Kong is increasing day by day these days, but I will stay in Hong Kong and continue to host shows every day,” Wong said.

He added: “We will continue to work hard and absolutely will not give up on our dream until we achieve success.”

Earlier in the day, the Passion Times website was down at one point but was operating normally an hour later.

Videos of the recent extension of the MTR East Rail line which opened on Sunday as well as the election of the chief executive are still available on the website, along with other radio programmes.

Wong was one of the co-founders of Civic Passion, a localist political group that was transformed into a political party in 2017 by former lawmaker Cheng Chung-tai. The party dissolved last year.


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