Chico’s new homeless site funded by city’s COVID-19 funds



CHICO, Calif .– A new resting site for the homeless in the city of Chico is about to open.

Mayor Andrew Coolidge said it came from city COVID-19 funds, federal funds and county funds.

They have about $ 2 million to work with, but Coolidge doesn’t think it will cost that much.

He said that is all the money that has been set aside specifically to help solve this problem.

The total cost depends on the number of people who actually use the site.

The city said there would be enough room for around 570 people here in this area. The city is keen to stress that it only expects around 30 to 80 people to actually use it.

Action News Now spoke to a woman staying at Comanche Creek who said she doesn’t plan to use it because she doesn’t like the location.

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“When you think of the airport to any nearby store, it’s at least 30 minutes maybe more,” Amber Bond said.

“It’s a site that meets the criteria we need, provides them with a temporary place to go and fulfills that order that moves us forward so we can clean up our parks and waterways,” said Mayor Coolidge.

He said the site will have space for RVs and cars, a large tent, water tanks and portable toilets.

People will be able to bring tents, personal effects and pets as long as everything remains in the allocated spaces.

Action News Now also spoke to businesses in the airport area who shared their concerns.

“Safety is a big concern. It’s got a lot of people. The airport is right here. Our business, we’re not used to having so many people here who don’t work here,” said Bill Weaver, who works close by. of the airport.

“In terms of people who live in the area, there are no houses several hundred yards from this facility, in terms of people who do business in the area, there are no businesses in the hundreds. meters from this facility, ”Coolidge said. “This installation is put in place to provide what we need to provide but also to protect our population. We have fences, in fact two fences separating this population from the airport. So you are talking about thousands of feet between the places where the planes take off between this and the refuge site. “

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The length of time the site will be operational depends on the judge.

The site is expected to open on Friday. Mayor Coolidge said he would be guarded 24/7.

The case will go to the Eastern United States District Court to determine whether it meets with judge approval on July 2.

Mayor Coolidge said the overall goal is ultimately to move people from the site to shelters where they can get more help.



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