Chico town closes resting site, homeless people seek new homes


CHICO, California. – There has been no word on the next step or where these people can go, but the people who still live at the resting site only have hours to pack up and get out.

Some of the homeless at the resting site have shared their plans for where they will go now.

“I wonder where am I supposed to go,” said James Westbrook.

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Westbrook has been living at the resting site for a few weeks.

He said he was more than frustrated to have to leave the place which gave him a sense of security.

“People drive me crazy because they’re looking at me and they’re like oh look, he’s another degenerate homeless person who doesn’t deserve to be here,” Westbrook said. “I’m done with Butte County.”

Westbrook said he plans to take all of his things and put them in his truck and maybe make it to Vegas.

“I’m going to have to take my tent,” Westbrook said. “I throw my other tent because it’s leaking on me. It rained the other night. It flooded my whole tent. My clothes and things in the back of my trunk here.”

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“I am frustrated,” said Rebecca Phillips. “A little stressed. A lot of stress actually. Here’s the handy dandy truck, I guess, when this happens again.”

Butte County Behavioral Health was at the rest site today. They tell me that they are going to see each person to make sure they are aware of the resources available.

The city said that after people leave, public works will come here and clean everything up.

On Monday, the city announced that it had become clear that the site was not considered an option for shelter thanks to settlement hearings with the judge who put an end to evictions from homeless camps.


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