Chef Deborah VanTrece opens Oreatha restaurant at Point March 31 on Cascade Road in Atlanta


After finding success with Twisted Soul Cookhouse and Pours, chef Deborah VanTrece is set to open her second restaurant in Atlanta later this month. Named after VanTrece’s mother, Oreatha’s at the Point opens March 31 in the Cascade Heights neighborhood with a menu inspired by home-cooked meals from moms around the world

“As a mom, I’ve always appreciated the special dishes moms prepare to comfort and nourish their families,” VanTrece said in a press release. “When I traveled around the world as a flight attendant, I discovered that popular tourist food was not the same as what locals enjoyed back home. I am fascinated by this one.

Located where Cascade Road meets Benjamin E. Mays Drive in southwest Atlanta, the opening of Oreatha’s is part of ongoing revitalization efforts in the Cascade Heights neighborhood.

Lamb shank with half chocolate stout.
Oreatha is on point

Chef Christian “Lucke” Bell, formerly of Rock Steady, runs the kitchen at Oreatha’s. Expect dishes from Bell inspired by VanTrece’s global travels, including fried artichokes with miso tempura, fried duck ravioli with aglio e olio and béchamel sauce, and Thai-seasoned catfish with tangy tamarind sauce served with coconut grits and curried coleslaw. The menu also offers a shout-out to the restaurant’s namesake in the smoked duck pie.

Look for sandwiches and a turkey burger, plus a selection of salads like panzanella burrata sprouts and nori-crusted salmon niçoise, plus a bread service that includes hot water cornbread, focaccia and naan. For dessert, there’s chocolate tiramisu chai, pecan pie bakalva, and pastries from Chef Sade McMullen of Sam and Izzy’s Sweets and Chef Briana Riddock, pastry chef of Rock Steady.

Wine, beer, and cocktails from beverage director Kursten Berry round out the bar menu here.

VanTrece also plans to open a second restaurant at the Point later this year, called Serenidad, with a menu centered around Latin soul food.

Eater asked for more details, including a menu for Oreatha and an opening ETA for Serenidad. Check back for updates.

2287 Cascade Road, Atlanta.


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